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Sunday Morning Sunday, May 29, 2005

A few things going on this weekend:

Governor Fletcher is starting to fight back in regards to the personnel issues. Stumbo keeps trucking though. Fletcher keeps claiming this is all political and it might very well be but the point is there's obviously something to all this if there's enpough evidence to get a grand jury together and to issue subpoenas for hard drives and documents. I think old Ernie might have to deal with a "waist, fraud and abuse scandal on this one. I've not read the the Courier-Journal on these stories. I get my information mainly from the Herald-Leader. A good job is being done by Jack Brammer, Ryan Alessi and John Cheeves on these stories.

Tom DeLay is getting hot under the collar(surprise) over a recent comment on an episode of Law and Order" Criminal Intent. He didn't watch the show but was told about it. Oddly enoug, a former Republican Senator, Fred Thompson is a regular cast member of the Law and Order programs as the shows' DA in NYC. Interesting.

John Bolton's nomination for the U.N. got held up when Bill Frist couldn't muster the votes to shut down debate. There's some speculation over whether Bolton will be a recess appointment. He would serve for one year and Bush would circumvent the Senate in this manner. Every president in history has used this manuever, Bush I suspect won't be any different.

Oil prices remail high although gas prices in Kentucky seem to be doing ok. I've seen prices down to $1.85 or so in various place. Lexington wasn't bad. E-town was good too. I hope everyone is having a delightful Memorial Day weekend and I'd like to give a grand salute to all those who protect us and our liberties at home and abroad. My grandfather, Jesse T. Beard flew in a Liberator and my great-grandfather Cyrus Moorman charged in the battlefield of France in the first world war. To them and so many others, thanks.

I'm in Hardinsburg, Kentucky this weekend for a family reunion. I love driving through small towns in Kentucky. So many places are have huge cities and are so densely populated. I've got nothing against those cities. Louisville, Lexington, and others are great towns but small towns in Kentucky is what I really think about Kentucky. And as I travel to visit family, whether it's Hardinsburg and Irvington in Breckenridge County or heading to Raceland in Greenup County, I love small towns in this state. It means home and friends and family.

posted by Stithmeister @ 9:01 AM

Another Week Flies By Thursday, May 26, 2005

John Bolton: We have to stop him

We've had a busy week politically this week. The Bolton business is coming to a head. Hopefully the moderates in the Senate can muster enough support to deal with this guy. He's got all the best qualities to make him a decidely BAD diplomat. He really doesn't have anything good going for him on these things. I just don't see how he's going to be able ram through reforms effectively if he doesn't believe in the institution. I only hope moderate like Voinovich can get their message through and vote this guy down.

For more in the story, check out the
  • New York Times Story

  • Nominees: What Next

    They've also passed Owens as a circuit court judge for the 5th district. It kills me that they backed down but the Dems would've lost I'm afraid. The real battle will be in the Supreme Court anyway. Bill Frist say the NUCLEAR OPTION still isn't off the table but I don't know if he'd have enough vote to stop it at this point. It is interesting that 14 Senators stopped the whole thing in its tracks, at least for the moment. Once again go moderates for keeping the filibuster. I only hope the Senate loses a few of the more conservative seats this time around to give the moderates more of an edge.

    Tom DeLay

    Tom DeLay's PAC got busted today. They said they would fight but they broke campaign finance laws and they're getting their dessert for it. It service them right. Now, if they'd could just nail DeLay himself on something and get him out of Congress. It would be a blow the Republicans big time.

    Waste, Fraud and Abuse In Frankfort?

    Old Ernie Fletcher and the boys keep coming up empty in this investigation so far although Bill Nighbert told his Inspector General to back off in his internal investigation. This inspector general thing sounds more like a patsy than anything else. He does exactly what he's told or at least that what they expect. I'd say the current IG will walk out of the job. It's the only way he can keep his integrity and self respect. Greg Stumbo said he's about ready to file charges, hopefully he can get some convictions out of this. I figured Ralph Hacker would've known better, being the UK announcer for all those years. I guess there's no accounting for integrity though.The merit system is to protect the good workers in the Ky. state government and make sure they have jobs regardless of who's in office. But Ol Ernie wants to ditch the system. I think it will survive.

    Congratulations to Jody Curry too for winning his special election. His victory will allow the Democrats to maintain their control in the House. I wonder what will become of the open Senate district in Louisville. Since the judge kept the injunction in place, Dana Seum Stephenson can't take the seat but neither can Ms. Woodward. I'd say a special election is in the works.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 8:04 PM

    Disaster Averted? Monday, May 23, 2005

    The U.S. Senate reached a compromise today much to the chagrin of right-wing nut jobs and leftist gorillas like me (sort of). The senate had reached an impasse regarding the president's judicial nominations and they've moved beyond it for the moment. Judge Owens and others will get their "up or down" votes and Senate business won't be halted so Republicans really won this fight for the most part. The good cop-bad cop tactic works again. Was anything really achieved?


    The real issue all along has been the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) nominations. Chief Justice Rehnquist has been battling cancer. He was appointed by Nixon. Justice Stevens was appointed by Gerald Ford. They've been their awhile and their age surely is something to consider. Justics O'Connor, the first woman on the court was appointed by Reagan. They've the senior member of the court, all having been there 20 years or so and 2 at the 30 year mark. So who's Bush going to appoint? Will it be a modern day Bork or someone more moderate. The history of this administration would suggest someone particularly pious and conservative. I'd say Scalia was a shew in for chief justice when Rehnquist sets down the gavel.

    Do the Democrats have the force to stop someone? Based on the way things are now, probably not unless some moderate Republicans jumped ship and that is certainly unlikely. Will Rehnquist hold on for a couple of more years? Who knows? But I also doubt you'll see 3 SCOTUS nominations in a year or less either. Maybe one because 3 would be an extreme change and we can always hope the judges' ideologies turn out to be a little different than anticipate. Elections are up next year and the entire house and a third of the senate will be up for grabs. No senators will be up for reelection in my home state of Kentucky so we must work hard to get Democrats back in the house. Let's hope we can get the job done, not just for the sake of Kentucky, but for the sake of the nation.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 11:12 PM

    Where have all the promises gone? Sunday, May 22, 2005

    Where have all the promises gone Governor Fletcher? You know... the ones to clean up waste, fraud and abuse? The ones to really clean up Frankfort? Maybe you've been working on the transportation cabinet? Shifting all those merit employees and giving their jobs to your supporters? Hmmm? Wasn't that part of the problem you were trying to stop? It seems to me Mr. Fletcher that you continue to carry on the old corruption and graft traditions you said the Democrats carried through Frankfort for the last 30 years.

    Kentucky's attorney general, Greg Stumbo continues to investigate charges from various state employees that they were moved and shifted around by people in the Fletcher administration so they could hand out jobs to supporters. Fletcher's administration is cooperating. It just seems like Fletcher is two-faced in this whole affair. It's not like Stumbo went looking for this stuff. Employees came forward and the more we hear, more employees come forth with these allegations.

    Last week, Doug Doerting, assistant personnel director for the transportation cabinet got this train rolling and it's picked up a lot of steam along the way. Stumbo also asked the personnel board to stay out of it because Fletcher appointed over half the committee. Criminal charges may even come out of this. Wow, that's the way to stick to those campaign promises of stopping waste, fraud and corruption. Your personal picks in the party have become targets of criminal investigations for giving out jobs they shouldn't have been able to influence.

    Did I mention that all the people they hired were white men so the feds are looking into this mess too?

    Yep, old Ernie shows his true colors and those of his party. What better way to get even for 30 years of Democratic control then get caught doing the nasty to state employees. Yep, that's the moral center of our government. I'm glad Ernie's a minister and a doctor to make sure the right things are done.

    Here's the link to the latest story by Ryan Alessi and John Cheeves from the Herald-Leader. They have some good work.

  • Herald-Leader Story

  • posted by Stithmeister @ 9:41 AM

    Filibuster Battle Comes to a Head

    "But if the election were today," said Ms. Walter, the political analyst, "it would not be fun."

    This quote comes out of a New York Times article on Sunday morning dicussing the current impasse in the Senate and stripping down of Senate rules being attempted by the Senate Republicans. It's reached a nice boil and will stay there for a couple of days anyway. I think the public is getting real tired of hearing about all the garbage while gas prices continue to remain high and will stay that way for sometime, probably for the rest of the summer. It's quite frustrating really and both parties are losing in this fight.

    The Democrats must push the momentum they are building and keep it going. Senator Reid must be careful how they work this fight AFTER this filibuster fiasco finishes its course.
    The Republicans may be in a somewhat weakened state after all this fighting over all the garbage they've been throwing around lately. The Democrats must seize this advantage and run with it. What advantage you might say.

    The pubs have been sticking their noses where they don't belong lately and so have their evangelical backers like Dobson and his Focus on the Family and Pastor Ted and the New Lifers. The interefere in our private, personal business. Terry Schiavo is one example. The Schiavo case was horrible and ugly but Congress had no business getting involved. The Florida judges looked at Florida law and maed the correct decision based on the law. They weren't activists. If the judges HAD gone contrary to the law, then they would've been activists. That is the most visible case recently but they keep trying make our world in their image and it just isn't like that, not even remotely and they have to realize their attempts to make it so will meet with more and more criticism and will eventually backfire.

    The federal government right now is violating the 1st amendment by favoring certain religious groups over others. It's so obvious and so ridiculous and so frightening. This is an area where the Democrats can move ahead. They need to work on painting the image of these folks as wanting to squash out other religious denominations because that is what they will do. If your religious belief doesn't' agree with the ones they espouse or if you choose not to go down that route at all, you're beneath contempt. It's a problem and the dems need to work on this.

    They need to focus on personal freedom, working to help bring jobs in, and making sure everyone has healthcare and basic survival benefits like social security for the future. If they work on these and keep pounding them home, then they might do well. But the must control the agenda and keeping hammering home one or two issues. Oil would be a good one too... the price of energy as heating oil goes up, gasoline goes up, all prices stay high. There are so many opportunities for the Democrats and they must seize them now and begin working on the Republican majority.

  • New York Times article

  • posted by Stithmeister @ 9:21 AM

    Republicans Are Bullies Wednesday, May 18, 2005

    I sit and listen to the debate in the Senate over the judicial nominations and the filibuster issue and I've come to the conclusion that the Republicans are bullies who are demanding their way. They see no room for compromise and don't feel they need too. There may be moderates in the Republican party who are different but they might as well be nonexistant right now.

    President Bush has had as much success with judicial nominees as anyone. 60% of Clinton's nominees didn't even make it out of committee. When the Democrats try to put the breaks on a handful of nominees, they get reappointed. One senator mentioned the 5 Circuit Court was in crisis because they're short handed on a judge. Bush could've thrown out someone else. It wouldn't have been impossible for a little compromise. Bush has gotten more nominees through than any president in over 25 years.

    The Republicans just don't play well. They're attempting to exert such absolute dominance and control it's frightening. They extreme right, littered with evangelical types are crucifying the United States in their agenda that border on religious fascism.

    It's quite possible he may get a supreme court nominee too and that's what this fight is really about. Bill Frist and his cronies are looking to run this battle now instead of when Rehnquist or O'Connor steps down.

    Some may say that the Democrats might do this too but they could've done this type of thing in the past and haven't. They could've done it when they were in control of Congress and the Senate but they didn't. They recognized the need for the filibuster as an effective tool of legislation so one party couldn't run ramshackle over the minority party. That's exactly what the Republicans are attempting to do. They are trying to destroy their opposition so they won't have any more opposition. They've think they've got the Democrats on the ropes and they're moving in for the kill.

    It's time for the Democrats to hang together and focus on the issues they believe in that are NOT polarizing. Work on labor issues, healthcare, etc. Work on the average guy's needs. We must make the normal folks realize they won't have anything left the way the Republicans are taking this country. No jobs, no children (they'll be fighting) and no homes.

    We need help and we need it now and the Democrats MUST get together and put their differences aside.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 5:04 PM

    Damned Activist Judges Saturday, May 14, 2005

    Well, those damned activist judges have done it again. They overturned the anti-gay marriage amendment in Nebraska. The judge said gays couldn't get married but they'll find a way. They always do.

    Who the hell do those activist judges think they are anyway. Their job is to do what the laws say. They're not supposed to interpret all that stuff. That law was as plain as day. A marriage is between a man and a woman. Children are had by men and women. Only men and women in marriages should raise children. We don't want those fags and lesbos having a huge impact on the future, it's not right.

    And while we're at it, what about some of the other activist judges. What about Anthony Kennedy, Supreme Court judge no less. He voted to kill Terry Schiavo, of course so did the judges in Florida.

    They're have been plenty of other cases too where those damned judges didn't follow the law.
    Roe V. Wade? Pure judicial activism. Constitutional right to privacy? BAH! It's not on the paper so get rid of it.

    Those activist judges also ruled incorrectly on Miranda too. They stopped the cops ability to do their jobs. And then Gideon V. Wainright? The old man was convicted fair and square.

    Whatabout Brown v. Board? Talkabout a scourge? Heck, they even overturned an old decision that said the laws passed were ok. These activist judges go entirely too far.

    Yeah... I'm sorry but give me the activist judges anyday. They're the ones who protect us from those that come in the night and take us away. Watch "Judgment At Nuremburg" You get to see judges who did what they were told. Great judges who were brilliant legal minds and they let things slide. They did the 'right thing' and went along with popular sentiment and the "elected" authorities at the time. They could've stopped it. But they didn't.

    I want judges who think for themselves, who do the right thing. I don't mind having some conservative judges on the bench because it keeps things balanced and most legal decisions handed down should be a moderate decisions. Nothing in excess I guess.

    I just hope the filibuster doesn't go away.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 2:04 PM

    Go Barbara Go

    Barbara Boxer is a big fly who’s digging into the presidential ointment right now. She’s throwing up her hand to slow down the Bolton nomination. The Republicans need a simple majority to overturn her objections but a number of moderate Republicans are starting to get squashed by the Republican hardliners who will uphold the President’s agenda no matter the situation.

    The White House says this is just a delaying tactic.

    Senator Boxer (D-Ca) threw up her objections in an effort to get more documents from the State Department; documents the State Dept. failed to turn over to the Senate Foreign Relation Committee.

    Talk about delaying tactics.

    Some moderate Republican senators have said flat out they don’t like Bolton for the job. Senator George Voinovich laid into Bolton during committee meetings although he did chicken out and didn’t stop him there. He said Bolton was the “poster child of what someone in the diplomatic corps should not be"

    This is stinging criticism for his party’s president who lobbied personally for Bolton but it ain’t over yet. Other Republicans have expressed concern over the nomination and we can only hope they stand up for their principle and their beliefs and what’s best for America instead of what’s best for Bush, whatever that is. The Democrats must hang together in this fight and work on a few Republicans to come their senses. It’s as simple as that. Someone has to realize Bolton is not in the best interest of our country.

    The Democrats are also deciding on whether or not to filibuster Bolton. That would require a super majority. I think Democrats could pull that off. They’re sensing some weakness in the Republican army and they’re beginning to keep assaulting those weak points.

    If Bolton believed in the institution it would be one thing but he doesn’t. He’s a bully, quite simply. He’s a bully. He’s denigrates those who don’t do what he tells them to do and in some cases might even attempt to physically assault them. Not exactly, the cool, diplomatic head we want in the U.N.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 11:05 AM

    It Looks Like Bolton Will Go To New York Thursday, May 12, 2005

    It looks like Bush's U.N. nominee will head to New York. John Bolton has been tied up in the Senate Foreign Relations committee for weeks now the committee looked into allegations of his being abusive to coworkers ans subordinates. He also has been charged with berating intelligence officials to make their intel match the administration efforts of the time. At one point, he even charged through a hotel in order to accost women who wouldn't endorse certain ideas a company he represented as a lawyer wanted her to do. He banged on her door and harassed her in other ways.

    Colin Powell said he shouldn't be in the job. Richard Armitage said he shouldn't be in the job. Heck, Senator Voinovich said, "We can do better." But the Bolton will be voted out of committee with out its recommendation but on to the Senate floor.


    It sounds like Voinovich is giving a vote of no confidence to the administration and certainly over their nomination. But he wouldn't vote AGAINST him. He said he didn't like him but didn't have the cahoneys to stand up to the administration and do the right thing. When you believe in something or are against it, you do that and you say that and you ACT upon that. Don't be a yesman like some of the politicians. Vote your conscience and don't let the man out of committee. If the candidate the president selected isn't qualified or suited to the job, don't put him up for an up or down vote. IF American CAN do better, then force America TO do better. Don't give them the option here.

    Be a man Voinovich. Be an American. Vote the Right Way. Vote for America to Do Better. Vote Against Bolton in Committee!

    posted by Stithmeister @ 2:23 PM

    Congress Approves Budget for Afghanistan Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    Congress rammed through the emergency budget for the troops in the field today. $75.9 million is a lot of money. I don't really have a huge problem with the budget adjustment either. I didn't want the us in this mess but now that were there, make sure our men and women have the best of everything they need, especially armor for their hummers.

    The real problem I have with this bill is the fact that the REALID legislation got tacked onto it. The REALID will wreck state budgets and now we have defacto national ID. I can see it now. You want to travel to LA from where I live in KY. Please let us see your papers please. Hhhmmm. I want to take my family to see the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Please, let us see your papers please. You want to exercise your constitutional right to discuss something your duly elected representative? Ahhh... your papers please?

    What about going to the DMV to get your license renewed? I suspect the line will be a little longer now. The costs to the states will go up and since our legislature could barely get a budget together as it is, where are they going to come with the extra $100 million or so to support this. And I know Ky. isn't the only state with this problem.

    Consider this too. There was NO debate on the issue. They tacked it onto this emergency budget specifically because debate is minimal on such a thing and no one wants to hold up funding for our troops. It's a slick method of getting things done and thanks to Republicans, we're moving closer and closer to the a national socialist state that we fought against all those years ago. I will note though that the only Ky. Democrat in Congress did vote for the bill the first time. I like Ben Chandler, I've talked to him, worked in his office when he ran for governor but I feel like he and the rest of Ky's delegation do more harm than good when voting for this garbage legislation.

    See where I'm going. I'm all for security and protecting out citizens BUT we have to draw the line somewhere and we have to do it NOW or we won't be able to do it in the future and the 1st amendment becomes even more ineffectual than it already is.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 9:23 AM

    Tom DeLay Monday, May 09, 2005

    What can I say about Tom DeLay that’s not already been said? His former aide and now lobbyist, Jack Abramoff is being investigated by the FBI. He’s run into trouble with Republican led House Ethics Panels. The New York Times ran a story about a Republican constituent in DeLay’s own 22nd district who spent $2776 of her own money calling for DeLay to resign. But the God-fearin’ Christian was waving guns at the NRA convention and saying “Bring it on!”
    I have nothing against Christian people since I’m one myself. A good friend of mine has a t-shirt that says, “What part of THOU SHALT NOT don’t you understand?”
    I think this applies to Tom DeLay. He lies and he steals. His elected authority doesn’t give him a higher power over us an exempt him from the rules he claims to hold dear to his heart. His constant abuses of our systems of government take its toll on all our citizens. He claims liberal are out to get him and this some liberal conspiracy. I tend to doubt it since lots of conservatives are wondering what his problem is. The new issue of Time (4/25/05) says “the White House is getting frustrated at his inability to fix this… and one senior White House official said he’s handling this like an idiot.” Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he needs to explain himself.

    But he can raise money and lots of it. We love the moneymakers. A little research will tell you that a number of Kentucky legislators to Washington have taken money from the devil in Texas during the 2004 elections. Hal Rogers, who been in Congress for quite some time now took $6. Ron Lewis took $2144. Senator Jim Bunning took $10,006. Ed Whitfield took $13,014 and Anne Northup took a wopping $32,000 from DeLay’s PACs. Keep in mind one of Mr. DeLay’s PACs has been having some legal problems down in Texas. Something about getting money they weren’t supposed to get from companies so they could gerrymander Texas for the Republicans.

    I love my state of Kentucky and my country the U.S. I hate to see Kentuckians in trouble or having moral problems, even if they are of the other party. Those things reflect on all of us. I’m sure when those congress people and senator took the money they intended to do good for Kentucky and figured DeLay money was ok. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. They all need to give the money back to DeLay and say thanks but no thanks. If they don’t, then that are no better than he is and we need to get these corrupt and/or incompetent people out office.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 8:57 PM

    Gas on the Fire!

    I stare at the news every day and I see oil prices fluctuate. Yesterday, prices dropped some but not much. Today, oil jumped back up to $52 dollars a barrel. OPEC said they were going to raise production 500,000 barrels a day during May. Oil prices are down from the $58 earlier this month but the summer driving season is starting. I’m going to a family reunion on Memorial Day weekend myself. I figure it’ll hit $2.50 a gallon that weekend. Maybe more.
    I’m glad our president is a Texas oilman just like his daddy before him. I’m glad the vice-president is in the energy business too. I’m glad they’ve surrounded themselves with people like Ken Lay over the years. It gives them real insight into the way the energy business works. I’m glad that the oil companies haven’t seen fit to build a refinery in 30 years to help meet gasoline demands. We’ve got plenty of oil. We just can’t process it fast enough. But it’s in the best interests of America right? Right?!

    Right. I personally commute to work from Harrodsburg to Lexington. It’s probably 45 miles or so. My tank for my mini-van holds about 20 gallons. So that’s about $40 a week for me now. My wife does the same thing but sometimes works different schedules than I do so probably another $20 to $30 a week. So, now I’m looking at around $60-$70 a week in gas. That’s not counting visiting family in Hardinsburg or in Raceland for birthdays and such

    Hmmmm… we’re looking at around $300 a month in gas. Maybe more. I figure there a lot of families in a similar predicament around the country. They work to feed their family. They buy clothes, take vacations, and maybe go to the movies. Pretty standard middle class fair I guess. Except that since fuel costs have doubled in the last few years, we’ve got to cut things out. I always wanted a new Ford Explorer but I can’t afford the gas in one now. Did I mention SUV sales were down nationwide? That doesn’t hurt Kentucky too much except we make those Explorers in Louisville don’t we.

    The thing is when fuel goes up EVERYTHING goes up: your gallon of milk at the store, your new shoes for church, everything. Your cost of living goes up acacross the board. So not only do you have cut out some of the fun things, you have to start thinking if you get take your vacation. Do you go play golf or any other activities? Schools having rising bussing costs. Cities and towns have higher costs for fuel for police and fire. Lexington has problems paying their public safety people now.

    The middle class in this country and in Kentucky is suffering under the republican leadership. Ever since the current administration has gotten into office, our country has gone through Hell. We’ve gone through 9/11, invading Iraq, a recession, and now gas prices go through the roof. It’s as if they’re eliminating our ability to do things for ourselves. They make us either too scared to leave our homes or too poor to afford it and Governor Fletcher is just an extension of this very thought process that’s bring doom to the working men and women of our wonderful state. Jobs are great. I just hope they pay enough to allow people to live here.

    I am relieved our national leaders know about the energy business though. We’d be thoroughly screwed with if they didn’t.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 8:53 PM

    Time on the Bench

    Governor Ernie Fletcher of Kentucky will appoint a new state supreme court justice in the next few weeks. One front runner is his general counsel, John Roach. Mr. Roach has no exprience behind the bench. Governor Fletcher said he believes that experience behind the bench isn't necessary to be considered qualified for the job. A number of other candidates have applied for the position, many of whom have had many years as a judge in one form or another.

    I wholeheartedly disagree with our governor. I think if he appoints a someone to the bench with little or no judicial experience, he'll be doing a disservice to Ky. Courtroom time to determine how it works and find ins and outs of the system are an absolute necessity. One needs to either have time behind the bench or an extraordinary amount of time in front of it. It's an absolute necessity. Mr. Roach worked in Fletcher's office when Fletcher was a congressman so his court time is really pretty minimal

    It's certainly something to keep in mind as court justices seem to be one of the most heated topics in years.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 5:32 PM

    The Michael Jackson Trial Friday, May 06, 2005

    My first official rant.

    Michael Jackson is a freak. Big understatement I know but he's absolutely horrible. The man molested little boys and this trial should be over. If this had been you or me, we'd been the hoosegow getting beaten to death by large men who don't appreciate such crimes.

    The trial continue on and more people testify. Robson, who was on the stand yesterday and let a lot of information slide out that unintentionally hurt the defense but it shows intent too. He said the same things other non-Jacko sympathizers had said about Jackson being their father and be treated as such and then the boys spent the night with Jackson in Jackson's bed. He's got all the classic symptoms of a child molester. He needs to be found GUILTY. He needs to be taken out of circulation with normal people.

    It's ashame too because I remember when he was THE pop singer. His albums were all over the charts with songs climbing up and down the pop charts like crazy. Then he started getting really weird. And now we find out he likes little boys. I wasn't a huge fan of his music but I recognized his talent. It's ashame that all he's got left is mounting debts, a future in prison, and regardless of the outcome of his trial, the child molester has that stigma but... it's deserved.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 5:24 PM


    Hey there folks. I've created this to rant and rave and what not. It'll have a fair amount of political stuff in it as I'm just left of Chairman Mao myself but we'll see how things go. Feel free to tag your bits in here as you like.

    Have a nice day


    posted by Stithmeister @ 1:01 PM

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    I'm currently working in the telecomm industry but one of my passions is still politics.

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