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Looks Like Lamont Levels Lieberman? Monday, August 07, 2006

The Connecticut Democratic primary also known as the Liebernan-Lamond brawl is in full swing.The Connecticut Senate race is one of the most contentious in the country and it's between Democrats. The most recent Quinnipiac poll shows Lieberman has closed the gap, now only trailing by 6%, 51 to 46. In most polls, figuring in the margin of error, Lieberman could pull this out.

The wonderful lady at Majikthise is blogging events as they happen over at Lamont's campaign HQ.

Lamont's campaign has been built around opposing the war in Iraq, something Lieberman didn't do. Much of Lamont's support has been from progressive bloggers who resented Lieberman for his hawkish stance. If Lamont wins, upsetting a 3-term incumbant U.S. senator, the blogger movement will pick up incredible power, especially those affilliated with groups like DailyKos.

Stephen Elliott of The Progressive had a good article in this month's issue discussing the YealyKos convention. He also discusses this election and what will happen if Lamont wins:

Still, they are making a difference and they are growing exponentially and they are here to stay. The biggest test case is forthcoming when Joe Lieberman faces off against Ned Lamont in the Connecticut primary. The Netroots community is vehemently anti-Lieberman. The bloggers call him Bush’s favorite Democrat. Markos, in his keynote speech on opening night, promised that Ned Lamont would win the primary. If he does, it will fundamentally change everything. If the Netroots can unseat a sitting Democratic Senator, they will assume control of the party. And control of the party will forever change the Netroots.

So... what happens when the "NetRoots" becomes the group in power in the party. Will they become the same as the others in power. As much as some would like to believe that would be the case, very few survive gaining those levels of power with their integrity intact. I would submit that this will be the same thing. But that's another post.

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