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What Happens With Alito and Elections in 2006? Friday, November 04, 2005

Eleanor Clift posted an interesting assessment of the current political situation in Washington. She made some interesting speculations too. I disagreed with her on one point. I think the Democrats should fight Alito.

She also pointed out Bill Frist had no real "instinct" for his current duties as majority leader, after Harry Reid's closed session. I don't know like Trent Lott but he knew what he was doing, he had a better understanding of politics.

I think the Dems have a real chance to take back Congress in '06. The administration and the Republicans are against the ropes. If the Dems do this right, they can land some nasty kidney shots that will wound deep. The Republicans are going to bury themselves.

posted by Stithmeister @ 6:05 PM

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At 10:18 PM, Blogger Cynicus said...
"The Democrats retake Congress in '06".

"The Republicans are going to bury themselves."

i see a few seats swinging, but an overall Repub Congress returns, and treats it as a mandate.

Care to wager money?

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At 10:03 AM, Blogger Greymagius said...
... Only if you're willing to bet in 'Merikun dullurs'. Got to start looking at transfering some money into Euros or Canadian dollars. Small, non-sequential bills I think....

My faith in such an outing of Repugs is lacking on a few counts:
1: American's remembering that long
2: Not getting embroiled in yet another round of the 'Morality of Married Gay/Lesbian Pagans having Abortions'
3:Voting machines that actually tabulate real votes instead of spewing out what-ever numbers the repug supporting creators want them to spew out.

I'm not holding my breath on this...

Anyone willing to bet that "Morality & Terrorism" will be shouted from rooftops again real soon? Wonder if we're due for another 'Terrorist Related Attack"? Wonder why the Bush Reich wasn't clever enough to turn the NOLA levies failure into a Terrorist action? Gee, wonder when we'll see them decide it should be?"It wasn't incompetence that destroyed NOLA! It was Terrorist!!!"... please, don't let me be right on this... that would be just too depressing for words...

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