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The Founding Fathers, Christmas and Bill O'Reilly Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bill O'Reilly continues to spread his campaign of misinformation. He said the founding fathers would've protected Christmas. I doubt it. They wouldn't recognize it. I admit, many of my fondest memories are from Christmas and I would hate to deprive any child of waking up on Christmas morning to see what Saint Nicholas left them, but O'Reilly is no historian. Media Matters.

Honestly, the current look of Christmas is as much an invention of Coca Cola as it is anything. That's certainly where Santa Claus came from. As I recall, Christmas used be basically a festival rivalling the rudest Mardi Gras or Carnivale. The Puritans and other religious dissenters wanted to get rid of it because the debauchery involved. They eventually brought back as an American holiday and began swiping things from all over the world to throw into it.

But of course O'Reilly's point was Alito would defend Christmas. Let him go out and ring bells for the Salvation Army in front of Wal Mart. How many quarters will he pitch in? Wanna protect Christmas? Feed the poor, heal the sick.

posted by Stithmeister @ 11:02 PM

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At 6:18 AM, Blogger Cynicus said...
In, say, the 1750's, Virginians celebrated Christmas with some enthusiasm (albeit w/o shopping pressure). Up in the Mass. colony, making a Christmas display got you fined. (5 shillings? Memory fails as i age)

Which Founders does Bombast Bill mean? i suppose the Southern ones, as the Repubs today are the Southern party. As for those annoying anti-Christmas Founders, well, O'Reilly is used to ignoring uncomfortable facts, opposition, and the blue New England states.

Cheap-arse way to boost your ratings - "anti-Grinch" legislation forsooth! As if there were anyone actually trying to ban the holiday. Or as if O'Reilly weren't just a distraction from the real life Grinches riding off in a sleigh filled with the US Treasury........

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At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Greymagius said...
Hey, If we REALLY want to bring back the Olde Style Christ-Mass, lets do it right. To hell with Toys & Santa. Lets do a marathon twelve hour church session. The vast majority(99.999%) of modern 'Christians' would be chased out of town by their beloved 'Founding' fathers.

Too many people forget.. America was NOT founded just by the 'Pilgrims'. It was the cantankerous southerners who got so much up and running. Early America was doing well on AGRICULTURE (i.e. Tobacco, that demon of foulness). Guess what folks.. Tobacco DOESN'T grow in New England!

The great thing about 'Modern Christians' is how they oh, so selectively pick and chose their Bible Verses. If you really want to be a true bible thumper, you better get ready for a LOT of changes. I'm semi-pagan and I've read more of the bible than 80% of the 'Christians'. Most are spoon fed selected verses Sunday morn along with a careful interpretation of what it means.

I've noted that the Hate Mongering (i.e. 'Evangelical') Christians LOVE to cherry pick the old Testament for ways to hate folks. I'm still waiting for the ones screaming 'Sanctity of Marriage' to explain Solomon and his Harem or any of a dozen old testament patriarchs schtuping their wives servants to get her knocked up with a boy child. When we see Pat Robertson explaining that it's OK to F**k around with your babysitter, so long as it's to get that boy after your wife only gave you three girls and then had a hysterectomy from the internal damage of Girl #3, THEN I'll believe they are truly trying to follow the bible.

Meanwhile, I'm going to happily live my semi-pagan life style where I believe that *I* am responsible for my actions and that some higher power doesn't say that it's OK to blow up an abortion clinic to 'Save Innocent Lives'. The biggest problem lots of Christians have is the "All is Forgiven" belief. They are 'Forgiven' for everything, so nothing they do is really wrong. Try this with a child and guess what you get? (Preferable one you intend to home school yourself, I've too many friends in education to wish this on.. oh F**k, too late! You've already done it, which is why we have more kids in 'Detention' than in class)

As humans, we learn from threat of Consequence. For so many modern 'Christians' there are NO repercussions for doing bad things. "I'm not perfect, just Forgiven" is another great Christian mantra. Once you decide that 'Forgiven' is all that matters, you stop trying. I prefer to strive for perfection, knowing I will not reach it.. but AT LEAST, I will be trying to improve myself. not sitting smug and happy in my ignorance.

Well, enough Bile & Venom for now... I need to stop before I damage my Karma with their kinda Dogma. And believe me, I'd never get the stench of my Tirades.

Yours in Faux,
The Right Reverend Grey!

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