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The French Are Revolting... Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It looks like the French are having real problems with almost two full weeks of riots. The social situation for many African and Arabic types, regardless of where they were born, seems to be in real trouble. Unemployment in France is high. Many economists would argue it's the French and to a lesser extent the European Union's inability or lack of will to adapt.

The French leadership is in a real crisis because they don't know entirely how to deal with this problem and they won''t unless the are willing to discuss some very fundamental issues.

Nearly half of their national budget to farm subsidies. Many of their services are socialized and there are many other issues, like difficulties competing with imported Chinese goods, rising fuel costs etc. France is going to have to make some real societal changes in a number of areas. They may be able to quell the current rioting but unless they fix some of the problems, then will happen again. Some are saying this is primarily a cultural issue but I would argue that point. In most places, people are a lot easier to get along with if they have a warm bed and plenty of food and some other nice things. They may argue some but they generally don't least not until their footy team loses.

posted by Stithmeister @ 11:26 PM

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At 4:39 AM, Blogger Cynicus said...
But why do they have such a large Muslim population? Well, France instituted a "guest worker" program many years ago to bring in cheap labor for piss-poor jobs, the guest workers stayed, and now the guest workers are tired of being second-class citizens with starvation wages.

George W. Bush is currently pushing a "guest worker" program for the US, to guarantee a plentiful supply of union-breaking cheap labor to compete for the Wal-jobs and Mc-jobs that are all that is left in the economy.

You have been warned.

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At 8:47 AM, Blogger Stithmeister said...
The barbarians at the gate.

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At 11:19 AM, Blogger Greymagius said...
Quick check: Look at the directory of any hospital in Kentucky. How many doctors have names of Asian &/or Middle eastern origin. Despite the changing racial mix, Kentucky is still very much of European & African descent.

An interesting thing is, I just recently read where Canada has opened up immigration and guest worker projects. They're getting Phd's as Cab Drivers & MBA's as bus-boys. Many are going, because Canada has (semi) decent medical & Social programs.

No for something mostly silly:
When you import unskilled labor to free up your skilled population for better things, it's an excellent situation. Problem is, America is busily importing SKILLED labor. The positions in demand are often not for toilet scrubbers, but engineers to build city sewer systems. We cut funding to send our own people to college, then desperately try to import the needed professionals.

Of course, despite how many of our 'finer citizens' kevetch about the 'Immigrants' stealing their jobs, many of these people yelling wouldn't take the jobs being offered.

"Scrub Toilets for minimum wage?. Why my third cousin's uncle George fought in Vietnam. I deserve a respectable job at $16.00/hour for my families support of this great nation."

I often wonder if many folks problem with imported 'Guest Workers' is that you have to pay them minimum wages, instead of just buy them up front. Having a few relatives (thankfully not close) of a definate red-neck nature, I can see many of them liking the idea of the government 'Buying' them a worker to have a job for them.

"Instead of 'a paying my disability cause'a my bad back from falling off'a bar stool, I gots me a Mexi-cane who goes out and works FOR me. I get his pay-check and he gets to sleep under the porch"

Fates forbid someone creates a truly effective robot/AI. Civilization will end and we'll all end up the 'Masters' of a robotic slave nation.

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