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Gonzalez Dances In Committee Monday, February 06, 2006

Our beloved attorney general, Alberto Gonzalez continues to dance in circles, defending the adminstration. He gets his information wrong, he follows poor reasoning and he's defending a sinking ship.

Here's the thing that's got me worried though. Senator Specter said he would like the secret court that issues warrants for secret wiretaps to take a look at the case. If this happens, what will they do. Will it be an opinion they might offer? Will they back the president's play on this? This makes me nervous. I've got this vision of the secret court secretly meeting to discuss this and everything might get swept under the rug. I could be wrong but I just feel something bad coming out of this so Specter can save his ass and "do the right thing" will getting the administration off the hook. It would be a no win scenario for the Democrats and anyone who thinks the administration broke the law.

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