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Rep. John Boener Get's GOP Majority Leader Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tom Delay's buddy Blunt was booted from his slot as House majority leader in favor of Ohio Representative John Boehner. Boehner got the votes 122-109 in the second round. John Shadegg of Arizona dropped out after getting very few votes in the first round and finished dead last.

I would say this is the end of the traditional Goldwater conservatives in government for a while. The traditional conservatives often stood for smaller government with less intervention, cutting taxes and all that. The current government is cut tax, spend the hell out of things, repress our rights and freedoms and oh year, make government freakin' huge.

Anyway, Boehner got the job. He's out of the current school of Repubs though, having been part of the Newt Gingrich leadership team.

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posted by Stithmeister @ 3:12 PM

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At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
I respectfully ask that Congressman Boener read this....

Congressman Boener,
I am pleased that you will be the minority whip, and i pray for your success. I am compelled to send you an e-mail regarding my impressions of the failure of our party. I have a very different take on the election that I continue to try to process, as I believe millions of Americans voted solely on color and hate and not on the issues whatsoever. In fact, most knew nothing about the issues and did not and do not even care which is a sad state of our country. With that said, I believe our republican representatives let down the entire country, as we have been screaming out for years to STOP the spending, while our congress has continued to spend like drunken sailors just exactly as the democrats continue to do. In order to be a step above, we must cut any and all spending, except for national defense. We are broke and cannot have continued tax increases. This is hurting us terribly and will hurt our children and grandchildren as they will never succeed in digging us out of this horrible debt that we so irresponsibly created. Please, Congressman, Boener, stop spending our tax dollars and stop allowing the democrats to raise our taxes further. My husband and I are in that category that Mr. Obama calls "rich" and we resent that label, as we are just the "working class," because we actually work hard for our money and would like to keep it. We also struggle just like everyone else, including those who do nothing for the free checks that we send them. Please, Mr. Boener, stop sending out free checks at our painful expense and stop ALL bail-outs. We must stand for something, and it must be fiscal responsibility and personal accountability. We have system that provides for all choices - even bad ones.

Kathy Hall
6415 Red Oak Court
Cumming, Georgia

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At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
Except for national defense? Do you know the two largest expenditures are national defense and social security? So you want grandma to eat dog food and spend money on unessary wars and building up foriegn countries like Iraq and Dubia??? Good thinking, Yeah why spend a diome on our cumbling infrastructure, you can tell my cousin that the death of her father on the collaspe bridge is the price of freedom, damm idiot!

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