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Blogging the State of The Union Address -2006 Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blogging the SOTU - Views on the MSNBC LIve Feed

Cindy Sheehan was supposed to be a special guest but was arrested and not let on the premises.

Nod to Coretta Scott King, who was found dead by her daughter late last night/early this morning.

Calls for respect, getting along in debating issues

Gives the "the United States will continued to lead" point.

Talking about all the people who live in democratic nations. Rattled off nations like Zimbabwe, Burma, Syria, Iran and other. No mention of Saudi or Pakistan or even China.

Talks about aims of terrorists and talks about "loving our freedom and fighting to keep it" - no mention of wiretaps and new rules against protesting.

"No peace in retreat, no honor in retreat" - "The United States will not retreat from the world and never surrender to evil." - we've elected him twice.

Downplays isolationism - talk about liberating deathcamps in Europe - didn't mention his granddad helped fund them.

Talks about progress in Iraq - plays up strengths of Iraqi police and military. - I really doubt it.
"Job is difficult because enemy is brital" - no mention of Abu Ghraib

"Confident in plan for victory" - whatever that is. I don't think he knows either.
"We are winning" - right...that's we still have lots of casualties every single day.

Whines about tone of members of congress's criticism. Then moves into "stay the course" for Iraq section. Essentially says we shouldn't complain about getting our troops out of there.

Had dead soldier's family there. Nice photo op - quoted soldier with words of defending our freedoms, dying for the country etc.

"Offensive against terror" - supports democratic reform throughout the middle east.
Mentions Egyptian elections, Hamas winning in Palestinian authority

Calls out Iran as repressive theocracy, supporter of terrorists, can't be allowed to gain nukes - though he can't say nuclear correctly.

Talks about plight of the third world - "Show compassion of America"

Talks about superb professionals in law enforcement. It's ashame he's cut their budgets tremendously in the last five years.

Called for reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act - I call BULLSHIT
Then he defends the wiretapping - says he has constitutional and statutory authority. Nothing new... same lines he's been giving all along. The problem is none of these leads have paid off.
He says he keeps congress informed.

Bet he doesn't talk about torture at all

Calls for rejection of isolationism - needs bipartisan support to keep the march of freedom

Domestic Agenda/ Economy

Created more than 4.6 million jobs - manufacturing jobs? Probably not... service jobs
Defended immigrants, tax cuts
Agenda that raises standards of living, new jobs
$880 billion in hands of the masses - 4 years of uninterrupted growth - this year was slowest growth in 3 years, wealthiest 1% control 60% of wealth

Called for permanent tax cuts, even more tax cuts on top of current.
Called for line item veto

Talked about retirement/aging of baby boomers
Medicaid will be 60% of federal budget
Too social security pot shot
There were a few boos
Mixed calls on "costs of entitlements"
Wants a commission on baby boom retirement impact on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security

Secure borders, stronger immigration enforcement/ border protection and rational, humane immigration policy

Affordable healthcare - says we're meeting responsibility to provide care for poor and elderly - except Congress plans to cut all these programs. Talks about medical liability reform this year. It's ashame the malpractice insurance has nothing to do with malpractice suits.

America's Oil Addiction - zero emission coal fire plants, nuculer (how he said it) energy, solar power.

Talks about ethanol of wood chips, weeds, corn and other things.
Wants to replace 75% of oil imports by 2025. - Kentucky should work on the zero coal

"American Competitiveness Initiative" - double commitment to physical sciences. Make permanent research tax credit, Need kids to take more math and science. - then teachers cheat to get the scores higher.

Violent crime is lowest levels since 1970s - abortion the reason?

Unethical conduct section - moral lecture

congratulates Alito and Roberts - O'Connor

Called for bans on cloning, trafficking of embryos
Supports ethics reform

Called for adults to work with more children
Encourage kids to stay in school
Touts funding for Gulf Coast
Reform and reauthorize Ryan White Act.

Nice little wrap up - 51 minute speech

Lots of things Bush called to happen, won't probably happen because of divided Congress.

Overall, not much in the way of new things. His foreign policy section was same old line. He defended eavesdropping.

Update: Cindy Sheehan was arrested for wearing an anti-war tshirt in the gallery she kept covered up until she got there. She apparently was warned by police not to wear it but she did anywhere. So, in a place that is supposed to protect the freedom of speech, she's not allowed to speak her mind. It's delightful predicament.

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