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GOP Lawmakers Wanna See Abramoff/Bush Records Sunday, January 29, 2006

An interesting story showed up on CNN's website disccusing new demands from GOP lawmakers wanting to see records of Bush's relationship with Jack Abramoff.

The adminstration has tried to scrub away any links for the past several days and it would seem they should've been more subtle in their changes. It was established Abramoff did give some large sums of money to the Bush campaigns. There's got to be more too it than just some donations. As linked together as Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed were to Abramoff, there's bound to be a lot more going on there.

Bush might get impeached for the wiretap thing but what happens when they aren't able to scrub all the Abramoff stuff away. The problem though is that regardless of what happens to Bush, Cheney will still be there. Someone really needs to figure out a way to get Cheney first or else nothing will really change.

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