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Another Note From Cynicus Friday, January 27, 2006

Something i put up on Eschaton ( in reply to a comment today:

We all live in a communist regime,
a communist regime,
a communist regime!

Ah no, not exactly.

but have you considered that old quote about "fighting dragons, you become a dragon?"

After years of opposing the Soviet Union, in which the check on becoming them was the comparison - "we can't do that....what are we, Communists?" - the USSR fell, communism went away, and all the tendancies toward centralist power and military-industrial-governmental-media complexing had no more check.

And so now our news is Pravda, photographs annoying to the White House disappear (Bush-Abramoff, now gone where old photos of Trotsky died), instututional corruption is the norm, production success is how well you can cultivate the government, the spy services are monitoring the citizens, the Army is cracking from a long-term war in Afghanistan, the only technology in which we lead is military, the laws guarantee rights but only within the definitions of the Supreme Executive.........

(pant, pant) Sorry, i'm wearing down and not done.

but if you ever wondered why Condaleeza Rice having advanced degrees in studies of the (demised)Soviet Union was supposed to be such a point in her favor......

just sayin'


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posted by Stithmeister @ 12:31 PM

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