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Ken Lucas Running For Ky. 4th Monday, January 30, 2006

Ken Lucas announced he's running for his old seat in Kentucky's 4th Congressional district. Current incumbent Geoff Davis ran in 2004 after Lucas adhered to his campaign promise to only stick around for three terms. He came out though saying, "I'm very dissappointed that Geoff Davis has done nothing to separate himself from many of the figures involved in those scandals.

This race is going to get interesting and will be very high profile. Davis has already got $450,000 in the war chest and more is sure to flow in the conservative northern Kentucky area. Lucas however has some clout too, especially considering John Lapp, who used to work for Lucas runs the DCCC. This should be a war indeed.

I'd say this race for northern Kentucky will generate several million on each side for running and this race is sure to get ugly. This is going to be tough to Mitch McConnell and Hal Rogers who've both got their own trouble to worry about. Rogers is facing a race in his district, although not that strong considering Rogers has been in the seat for a while. McConnell however may be more interesting. As major fundraiser and organizer for the Republicans, his input will be crucial. Also consider though, he's widely expected to be the next Senate Majority Leader as Frist leaves the senate and prepare for a presidential run. McConnell will have his hands full with all that. The RCCC will have its work cut out for it.

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