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Alito's In Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It comes as no great surprise Samuel Alito was sworn in as an associate justice of SCOTUS. I really, most sincerely hope this isn't the beginning of the end of the nation we've enjoyed and love but it doesn't look hopeful does it.

Our only hope is that changes occur in Congress in the coming months, that perhaps they can muster the strength to challenge the power of the Bush administration. At this point, it seems like they don't have it. Some Democrats voted against Alito but it wasn't enough.

What this means is we need to fight harder, muster more support, gather more strength and continue the fight. The lines have been drawn, the trenches have been dug and we are the front lines.

I could rant and give pep talk but I won't be long winded (lord knows I could) but I will say this: People are measured by their actions, societies are measure by achievements, a nation is measured by the people and the society they become. Our nation is full of people who overcame the odds, who achieved something more. Our nation is not the underdog anymore. We've not been for a long time. But we still have something to prove. The Great Experiment is not over. We must prevail.

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