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First you build the Camps... Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In a recent NY Times, a rather disturbing article was printed. A link as well as excerpts are below.


February 4, 2006
Halliburton Subsidiary Gets Contract to Add Temporary Immigration Detention Centers
WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 — The Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract worth up to $385 million for building temporary immigration detention centers to Kellogg Brown & Root, the Halliburton subsidiary that has been criticized for overcharging the Pentagon for its work in Iraq.
KBR would build the centers for the Homeland Security Department for an unexpected influx of immigrants, to house people in the event of a natural disaster or for new programs that require additional detention space. (Bold my emphasis)

A spokesman for the corps, Clayton Church, said that the centers could be at unused military sites or temporary structures and that each one would hold up to 5,000 people.

Ms. Zuieback (Of the INS) added that she could not provide additional information about the company's statement that the contract was also meant to support the rapid development of new programs.

Previous 'Camps' for Katrina Evacuees have done nothing to inspire confidence. See the link below for a rather frightening story on how the current administration through FEMA treated refugees. Then think of how they would treat people the believed to be 'disloyal' or otherwise against them.

The Jewish people were slaughtered in Nazi Germany with such ease, because the were in camps far from prying eyes. Let us hope that the American people remember this . Let's not forget that The Bush Families forebearers were helping finance the Nazi party.

posted by Greymagius @ 11:21 AM

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