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E-Mail Says Fletcher Should Resign Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It looks like Basil Turbyfill, one of Fletcher's cronies who was indicted thought Fletcher should resign to stop the investigation in the state merit hiring probe. The thing is, I think this might continue whether Fletcher was governor or not and this might just open up Pence for the probe too, not that he shouldn't be already.

The Herald Leader ran an AP feed for this one. I've included some excerpts:

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Gov. Ernie Fletcher has jeopardized Republican Party gains in Kentucky and should consider resigning in order to end the hiring scandal that has shaken his administration for the last six months, a former aide and veteran GOP leader said in an e-mail exchange.

The messages, obtained by the Lexington Herald-Leader, were written by Basil Turbyfill, director of personnel and efficiency in Fletcher's office and among those indicted for personnel law violations.

"The GOP will be set back decades and all of us who have worked so hard for 20 years have worked for naught," Turbyfill said in a Sept. 17 e-mail to former University of Kentucky sports announcer Ralph Hacker, who also has worked part-time as an aide to Fletcher.

"If we could get out of this by the Gov. resigning he should do it," Turbyfill continued.

Turbyfill's words provided further evidence Fletcher has been losing support even from longtime GOP faithful because of the investigation.

"He has alienated all who wanted to help and is down to two or three he will listen to and they are as unaware of reality as he is," Turbyfill said of the governor.


Turbyfill told The Advocate-Messenger of Danville on Tuesday that he stood by his comments. He said he did not know how the e-mails became public but added that he likely forwarded them to state Republican Party leaders.

"They were obviously meant to be very private," he said.

Hacker did not respond to several messages left on his answering machine, and his lawyer, Joe Terry, said he has told Hacker not to comment.

It looks like Ernie's goose is cooked. If the Democrats are lucky, they can drag this out and influence upcoming elections. The Republicans are in one term and they've managed to create more scandal in two years than the Democrats did in 30.

posted by Stithmeister @ 11:47 PM

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