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The Weekly Poll: Alito's Confirmation Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I've put in the new weekly poll on the right hand side there. The question this week is "Will Samuel Alito be confirmed?"

Your choices are Yes, No or Filibuster.

So let's talk about it. It's more than likely that Alito will be confirmed. There are all kinds of reasons not to confirm him. Ideologically, he's got some problems. His honesty is in question after lying about the CAP thing. The big issue everyone's worried about the abortion issue because he's obviously against it and will seek to actively weaken abortion. Then there's the more important presidential powers issue and does the White House (not just Bush) have the level of powers they're claiming? This one isn't just political fight, this goes to the very heart of the document itself. When we consider we set out for a limited government, do we grant the chief executive of this nation the power he thinks he should have?

These are issues the next SCOTUS judge will have to face. Do you think Alito is capable of making the correct choice? Is there a correct choice?

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