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Kentucky And Pam Anderson's Bust Removal Request Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pam Anderson requested the Kentucky state government remove a bust of Colonel Harlan Sanders from the state capitol in Frankfort. For once, I agree with Ernie Fletcher as he said the state had no plans to remove Sanders likeness.

Anderson's bust removal request came as she and her organization, PETA, continue to hound Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for what they consider the unethical treatment of chickens.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher wrote the "Stacked" actress to say a bust of the KFC founder will stay in the Kentucky Capitol, despite Anderson's claim that Sanders is a symbol of cruelty to chickens.

"Colonel Sanders remains a Kentucky icon," Fletcher wrote last week. "His success story has been an inspiration to many. The industry he began has employed hundreds of thousands of workers over the years. His business and his legacy have been good for Kentucky."

As much as I respect people's right to say what they want, I don't have to respect what they say. I think Pammy's PETA is poking around in the wrong chicken coop. There are other battles to fight that should be more significant. Besides... I like KFC pretty well. Fried chicken is one of my favorite foods.

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