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A big weekend for sports Monday, January 23, 2006

Last weekend was a big weekend for sports. I did well in somethings and not in others. My belove Kentucky Wildcats beat South Carolina on a buzzer beater. They still looked ugly but a win's a win. Then, I was enraptured almost as much when I head Duke lost, Florida lost and Louisville lost. It was music to my ears. My EKU Colonels lost too, both men and women. That sucked.

But then on Sunday, my delight ended when the Carolina Panthers lost to Seattle. I've been lousy at picking football this year. I had the Colts pegged to win it all. Then I'm rooting for my Panthers and it's the Steelers and the Seahawks.

While I don't follow either team, tonight, the women's matchup of Tennessee and Duke, the 1 and 2 teams turned out to be a lopsided whipping by Duke over Tennessee. The Lady Vols are legendary with their HOF coach.

Ah well... next week looms as Kentucky has more games with one of the weakest teams in the history of the program. How long until the NFL starts again?

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posted by Stithmeister @ 11:56 PM

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