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Alito Makes It Out Of Committee Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito was voted out of committe on a party line vote, 10-8. Now he heads for a vote in the full Senate and most feel the Democrats won't fight this.

There'll be a lot said over why etc. Something I've noticed about this though is once again, the Democrats like the Republicans frame the discussion and control the agenda. Roe v Wade is an incredibly devisive issue. People on both sides are quite emotional and generally anything but rational on it. Some of the other issues, like the boundaries of presidential power are more abstract. Much of this is philosophical in nature and most of America isn't. Many of them want a fair shake, want oil prices to go down etc. How is Alito's nomination helping or hurting the people?

The Democrats still can't control the agenda. They're going be candy-asses and not fight the nomination in the Senate. Kennedy will probably bellow as will a few others, they'll vote and that's it. Many feel like the CAP thing was a witch hunt. We didn't hear substantive debate on property rights issues, on workers rights, or many of the other major things to come up before the Courts. If they're going to go over his record, go over it. The Democrats had months to plan this and didn't do a great job at it. Has Harry Reid got some ball-buster lined up for the Senate? Are they going to bring out the big fillibuster? They should.

One thing I respect in folks is a little backbone. Lord knows my wife's got it. But, unfortunately, it seems like many Democrats don't....certainly not on the national level. There are a couple but most of them seem to roll over and just take whatever's tossed to them, especially in Congress. Sure they can say lots of things when the campaign, but very little is actually fought over. It's all lip service and when the voting's done, nothing's changed.The Alito vote will be no different.

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posted by Stithmeister @ 2:07 PM

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