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Donald Defamed About Lack of Wealth Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I ran across quite amusing story that really sounds pretty damned stupid on the surface of things. Donald Trump has filed suit against Warner Books and Timothy O'Brien. O'Brien published a book suggesting the Donald was only worth a measly $150-250 million. The Donald wouldn't stand for it. He's filed suit for $5 billion dollars.

Trump's lawyers quote Forbes saying he's worth upwards of $2.7 billion. It might be $7.7 billion after he's done.

What a chump. Suing someone because they said you weren't a billionaire. WAAAHHH. Trump is filing whining ...and make no bones about it, it's whining, than most people could possibly hope to see in ten life times. Tell you what "Donald," you go take all that money you're suing for and fund that $100 computer project at MIT. Then I'll have some sympathy. Go fund AIDS research to the tune of a few hundred million. If you're going to whine about them misquoting your worth, get over it. There are certainly better pissing contests. Maybe you need a new apprentice to explain real life to you.

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