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Ron Lewis Already Going After Weaver Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I picked this one up from BluegrassReport. Mike Weaver's not even officially made an announcement yet and Ron Lewis is already attacking him. The Glasgow Daily Times ran the story. Here's an excerpt:

But Lewis isn’t waiting for Weaver to announce. He was busy Friday afternoon during a brief interview trying to tie Weaver, generally known as a conservative Democrat, to the more liberal elements of the national Democrat Party.

“I don’t know why they’re high on Mike,” Lewis said, invoking the names of former President Bill Clinton, Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Chairman Howard Dean and others. Asked if that meant it is fair to link him with Republicans like indicted House member Tom DeLay and administration officials like Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, Lewis said it’s fair to question Weaver’s ties because he’ll have to support people like Pelosi to secure any influence in the Congress.

“Here’s a man who’s going to go in as a freshman and be in the minority,” Lewis said. “He’s going to have to go along with Nancy Pelosi and the liberals to get along.”

Weaver was having none of that when he showed up Friday night at the chili supper attended by close to 350 local Democrats.

“That won’t stick,” said Weaver, who helped found a conservative caucus of Democrats in the state House called the Commonwealth Democrats. That group challenged the Democrat House leadership last fall because they felt the leaders had allowed the Republican Party to paint them as liberal. Many of them, including Weaver, also supported the tax modernization plan of Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher early on. Asked his position on abortion, Weaver said follows the teachings of his Roman Catholic faith, “but I also believe in supporting those who are born with quality education and health care.”

The big question is whether the Republicans will try or could successfully paint Weaver as unpatriotic like they did Max Cleland or like Bush's clan did with John McCain. It's completely ridiculous, Weaver having served two terms in Vietnam. We can watch and wait I suppose. While Weaver is a right leaning Democrat and I would prefer a left leaning type but I also realize we have to go with what's electable in the district. Someone with some conservative leanings is going to do better.

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