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Reality Check On Democratic Fundraising Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Washington Post ran an article that should be a reality check for the Democrats. The Republicans are raising money over Dems roughly 2 to 1. Dean is being criticized for not bringing in the big bucks yet either.

The Democrats are going to have to do two crucial things in the coming months if they want make up some ground in House and Senate. First, will be to cease control of the agenda. The Republicans have lost it because they've got lots of mixed messages floating around out there. The moderates are fighting back, the non evangelical conservatives are also at odds with the evangelicals and the old school are at odds with the Neocons. The problem with this shakedown is the Democrats don't seem to be in a position to take control.

The reality is the moderate view point is generally the best way to go. It's the one most of coutry will agree on most of the time. The Democrats need to be able to hang on to the liberal base while making massive inroads with the moderates. The Republicans don't have them either though. We as Democrats need to give them a clear alternative that's not too far to the left to alienate them. So, what can we do?

I know I'm preaching party here, but I think good ideas can come from any direction. It just seem like the Republicans have done such a good job of trying to get rid of many of the things I believe in, I think it's insane.

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