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Remembering those Veterans who came before and those out there today Friday, November 11, 2005

On this Blog, we often take shots are the Chickenhawks of the Bush Reich. However, we never wish to give the impression that we have anything less than appreciation and admiration for those serving in our armed services.

I served in the US Navy from January 1985 to August 1991. I was in service during the first Gulf War, but never was near the conflict. I am proud to have served, but never came closer to the war than a maintainence stop in Japan. If I had been called to serve in the war zone, I like to think I'd have served well. I do know, that those who served in the Gulf War deserve recognition and our thanks, for their courage. Today, those serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and dozens of other hotspots, deserve our continued thanks.

A recent article by a reporter imbedded with several groups in Iraq, showed the truest face of our soldiers. It did not play up patriotism. It did not bring up the fear of Terrorism. It spoke of trying to stop fanatics in Iraq. Outsiders, or inside factions, that set off bombs, killing innocent women and children.

A soldier spoke of candy they had purchased at the PX, to give to the local kids a special treat. It told of how they had contacted their home towns, their friends and neighbors, to send soccer balls, so children could play. They then spoke of a suicide bomber, who set off a bomb, in a crowded street. The bombers goal was to kill one of these soldiers, as he gave these toys and sweets to children. The Soldier died, as well as dozens of children.

We can question the politics and the effectiveness of strategies. We should not question the goodness and courage of our servicemen. The servicemen still buy the candy and keep it in their pockets for the kids. They still toss the soccer balls to the kids on the sides of the roads. A child will scowl or raise a fist in anger as the trucks pass but then as a soccer ball bounces to a stop at their feet, the serviceman is often rewarded with a smile.

Two nights ago I spoke with my mother. It was with fear and pride that I learned that my beloved 19 year old niece had volunteered to go to Iraq. She has just finished MP school in the Air Force. In youthful passion, she has also just married, a fellow serviceman. I will now live in dread each day, as I hear the reports of another life lost, wondering if that life is my niece or her new husband. Fear for her safety, but pride in her courage struggle within me.

I hope everyone is able to let the pride show thru. No matter your political view, remember our servicemen with pride.

This ones for you Nikki...

posted by Greymagius @ 11:43 AM

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