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The White House Is Lying... Blatantly Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Granted this seems like a lesson cynicism but the White House has been caught lying. They're doctoring transcripts of press conferences even when there is video footage owned by major networks to the contrary. Daily Kos has a strong piece on it today.

The problem we have is that the mainstream media never goes after the administration. The administration needs to be crucified on this. Editor and Publisher had a story on it today explaining the situation.

The Bush administration seems to be more mired in corruption than any other administration in the history of the U.S. The Daily Kos commented on the brazeness of it all but that's the trademark of the administration and Republican party right now. The voices of evil like Limbaugh, Coulter and O'Reilly will preach the word of the administration. Hopefully, people won't believe this lie won't accept the administration's word for it. My next question is "Is it to late for a recount?"

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