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Top Republican Congressman Gay? Thursday, September 29, 2005

Reports are surfacing all over the political blogosphere that Congressman David Drier, R - CA, might just be gay with his chief of staff Brad Smith. The representative is a senior member of the Republican contingent in Congress and has repeatedly voted in against gay rights issues.

A good feature from Raw Story discusses the adventure of the Representative and his chief of staff as well as the daring expose' by Hustler magazine on the subject.

While I generally don't put much stock into rumor, there seems to be a lot of questions about this and why the mainstream media isn't picking this one up. There's also discussions going on suggesting he didn't receive the majority leader slot left open by Tom Delay's stepping down from the position.

If this story is true, it could spell more disaster for the Republican party. It seems the cascade effect may be starting. Now, if only they could do something with it.

posted by Stithmeister @ 7:14 PM

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At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Greymagius said...
Well, for someone so Gay-Unfriendly as the current Reich likes to pretend to be,'White House' reporter Jeff Gannon was quite the surprise.

Perhaps they made an error, understanably so...

Remember when 'White_House.Com' was a porno site? Perhaps they got confused and read Gannon's press creditionals wrong? After all, 'White House' could have been on his press pass, just refering to a different 'White House'.

Anyhow, the idea that you could let a 'Homo' lead the Repugnicents is incomprehensable. We all know that the Dim-ocrats are lead by sexual deviants. The Repugs are lead by Crooks. Lets not try to confuse the issues eh?

Crooks or Deviants...
You the Voters decide!

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