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Tom Delay's Indicted Wednesday, September 28, 2005

House Majority Leader Tom Delay, R - Texas, stepped down from the post today after an indictment was levied against him by a Texas grand jury on Wednesday. The charge is criminal conspiracy, seeking to improperly funnel corporate donations to Republican candidates for the Texas Legislature.

I've included a link from CNN to the indictment. You will need a PDF reader for the document. I've also included a link Delay's statement and then a link to the story on CNN.

  • Indictment

  • Delay Comments

  • CNN Story

  • Response

    Tom Delay is in a bit of trouble. Whether anything comes of this is debatable but regardless, the Democrats once again have the Republicans in a weakened state. This charge was handed down by a grand jury and even if the reasons behind the investigation were political, there has to be something to or the indictment would not have been handed out.

    Now, what the Democrats can do with this, I don't know. We've got so many possiblities right now to wedge, it's unbelievable. The problem with Democrats is it will take real leadership to not only take advantage of these but to take control of the agenda and get our message out there. I only hope we can do it.

    posted by Stithmeister @ 5:48 PM

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    At 6:38 PM, Blogger Cynicus said...
    The problem with Democrats is they need a member of the Democratic leadership who can withstand the retaliatory investigation when they call out a Delay or Frist.

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    At 10:32 AM, Blogger Cynicus said...
    Oh, something else to consider: Bushco made Brown the scapegoat for the New Orleans/FEMA disaster.....yet without waiting even a nominal period, brought him back with salary, benefits, and a mandate to erase the blame on himself by blaming others.

    Could something similar be done for Delay, Frist, whomever?

    i could easily see something like a Frist resignation followed by a Bush appointment as a "special prosecutor", empowered to launch inquiries and investigations into any few Democrats dumb enough to have made political capital out of the Republican legal troubles.

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    At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Greymagius said...
    Welcome to the New Amerika, home of the -Ism:


    and least we forget
    Cynicism that is increasingly just becoming Realism.

    The problem is that the Crooks are not just running the prisons, but they're running the courts, police & even the law making apparatis.The sad part is that the wild eyed conspiracy theorist are becomg less deranged lunatic and more the one eyed men in our increasingly blind country.

    There is a growing need for the return of the Freehold idea from centuries past. Sadly most of Amerika has sold it's freedom for the illusion of safety. And they have the same safety as sheep under the eye of the Shepherd... and the shepherd eats mutton a lot!

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