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The hot news off the wire right now is the judge ruling to dismiss the conspiracy to violate election code charges against for House Majority Leader Tom Delay (R-Texas). The nasty little hook for Delay is the money laundering charges still stand. Those 5 years and two years for the remaining charges. It seems the treasury department doesn't take kindly to people screwing with their money.

The Washington Post has a decent rundown of events.

This is good news in many ways for the prosecutor Earle and any who despise the embattled Republican. While the charge has been dropped, the other money laundering charges is incredibly serious and is really the one that has cost Delay his leadership position and very likely his seat in the House. The Democrats would be insane not to take Delay's hammer away from him and uset on his head.

Hastert has already said he would call for new elections in the party in January and since Christmas break will be here in a couple of weeks, time is running out for Delay.

Delay's camp maintain's the charges are baseless but the only reason the Texas Code charge was thrown out was because the law wasn't official until 2003, after these the alleged crimes had been committed.

It'll be interesting to see what happens next even though Delay has been pretty vocal on the hill lately.

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