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North Carolina to Score 1,000th U.S. Execution Thursday, December 01, 2005

The state of North Carolina proudly prepares to execute the 1000th person in the United States to be executed since the SCOTUS reinstituted the death penalty back in 1976. Me thinks Texas will probably be quite jealous over this honor but dueling is no longer permitted in the United States.

*dusts off soap box and stands up on it. Deep breath*

Now... this is one more example of a nation of barbarians. North Carolina is executing the 1000th person. Only three other countries have higher numbers: China, Vietnam and Iran. Saudi has public executions for heaven's sake and they don't execute as many as we do. For a Christian nation we certainly don't pay much attention. The commandment says simply, "Thou shalt not kill." What part of "thou shalt not" do they not understand. My mother always told me two wrongs don't make a right. So we're doing this again why?

Back in '76, when the court reversed the decision, probably my favorite justice ever, Thurgood Marshall wrote the dissenting opinion. He questioned the judgement of the other members then, suggesting those in favor of the death penalty aren't intelligent enough to make the decision. I tend to agree with him.

While this man did commit murder, called the police while he was committing the act, he deserves better than this. He's a Vietnam vet. This brings us though to the other part of this issue. What exactly is our penal system for? Are these things to deter? The most stated reason for the death penalty is a deterrent. Why doesn't it deter more than it does? What about rehabilitation? Can't very well rehab people you execute can you. Then there's punishment. When I was a kid, part of the punishment was so you could consider the wrong in your actions. I think he's losing that shot to improve his behavior. So what is it? Does it matter most countries have completely abolished the death penalty?

One of the best arguments against the death penalty I've heard came from William F. Buckley. I think he was making a point but it's absolutely true. At the time an archbishop, from Chicago I think, was championing against the death penalty. Buckley pointed out that of all the arguments the priest was making, he left out the one most important. It's the one that all religion is based on, certainly Christianity. It's a belief that things improve, That people will learn from their mistakes. It's a belief that no matter how bad, how horrible things get, there is something better. It's the reason Christians celebrate's why little children try to be good all year, it's why firefighters rush into burning buildings to save lives. It's one simple four-letter's called hope

posted by Stithmeister @ 12:27 PM

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At 5:56 AM, Blogger Cynicus said...
Screw hope.

For the cost of all the appeals, briefs, motions filed, retrials, reviews, etc - all on public defender time/taxpayer expense - the overall cost of executing someone makes it cheaper to warehouse them in the (very expensive) prison system for 60 years.

Forget humanity. Stop the death penalty to save money. Isn't that what the GOP's always on about?

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At 12:21 PM, Blogger Greymagius said...
Wish I could find the article from about a year back. Certain research shows that around 40+ of those executed were later shown innocent. Hey 04% chance of dying because of an error entirely out of your control isn’t bad is it? Okay, it may be a worse percentage than say the odds of dying if you serve in Iraq. Just think, if we went back to the old days of Time in Jail or Time in Service, most accused of crimes that could get the death penalty would see the better odds in service. Not only do we save money and avoid the awkwardness of a ‘Death Penalty’ trial, but we get people for the military that are likely to already know how to kill the other guy first! Get the worst of the Gang-Bangers in service and we’re set. They already understand ‘Tribal’ politics and ‘Urban’ warfare.

I wonder, how many "Right to Life" folks support the "Death Penalty". Perhaps, “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Death Penalty” really aren’t contradictory? Are the two really equivalent? Do some view “Right to Life" as really "Punish those who Sin". After all, what greater punishment for getting pregnant is there, than being forced to take care if the end results. Of course, if said child grows up neglected and abused, they will most likely follow the same path. "Sins of the father"(or Mother) is often quoted, implying that said child will grow up to repeat the same mistakes. You create a life and are punished by not being able to get a good education and living in poverty. As for those who take a life, they have their own life taken in forfeit. Really both situations are a very similar.

Fortunate for us, the prison industry is booming in the US and since many of the people who end up on death row are sexually promiscuous early on, they can leave another generation to carry on the "Sins of the Father". Now if only we can do away with some more of those silly laws on torture and such, we can set up more prisons here in the US and provide more jobs for our own country. Why should we pay people in other countries when we could hire Americans to torture and detain people right here? After al, we can then do even more good by not exporting American jobs!

*The above is meant to be sarcasm & Parody. If anyone seriesly takes it as truth, then they're probably a Republican.*

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