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EU Wants Info On CIA Prisons Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It looks like the European Union (EU) has sent an official letter requesting information about the CIA prisons. The Washington Post provides some really good information.

The administration has a lot to answer for. Working under the assumption they have done all this, they've violated multiple international laws and in all honesty should be held accountable. The problem comes down to who pays for the crimes? It's pretty clear the U.S. wouldn't recongize the authority of any international body. The interesting issue will be if other nations decide to levy sanction at us through the Security Council or something like that. I may be overshooting a bit here but I'm also wondering how we deal with this. If these prisons happened, I think it's fair to say they'd qualify as crimes against humanity.

Would an individual or individuals be held accountable? Maybe one of our executives? I think that would push us to the brink of war. Like I said though, this could be overstepping things a bit as very few nations have clean hands in something like this. I doubt China or Russia could make a convincing argument against the U.S. on this although tye've probably laughing at us right now. It makes me ashamed of my country to be honest...very ashamed.

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