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Democrats Reaching Out To Veterans Monday, November 28, 2005

Newsweek has a good article in this week's issue discussing the Democratic strategy of recruiting veterans to run for office. The "bloody shirt" is a tried and true political tactic, having worked for George Washington and still being a valid tactic today.

In recent years, the administration attack dogs have done a decent job of taking the bloody shirt out of the equation but some think now might be different. The first to feel this punch was Senator John McCain when he ran in 2000. The Bush campaign successfully questioned his patriotism despite the fact he served his nation in a distinguished manner and suffered as a POW in Vietnam. They questioned the patriotism and sacrifice of Max Cleland of Ga. The man lost three of his four limbs in Vietnam and the asked if he made any worthwhile contributions. When the Murtha Marine spoke out against the war, they called him a coward.

The Democrats are going to try it again. Veterans have a moral authority to challenge the administration on the war and their policies. Even as the administration starts cutting and running from the criticism, so much so that they are talking about exit strategies finally, it goes to show we need to get them out of office. The Democrats need to press the advantage and keep it up so the Republicans can't look for an opening. All the Dems need to do is emphasize the mistakes and corruption rampant throughtout the party and they could grasp victory.

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