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NJ Governor Won't Be Senator Thursday, November 24, 2005

Acting N.J. Governor Richard Codey said he wasn't interested in being appointed to the vacant senator's slot as the current Senator Corzine assumes the governor's job. Codey cited disruptions for he and his family as the reason for not running.

The Washington Post said:

-- Acting Gov. Richard J. Codey announced Wednesday he is not interested in filling the remainder of Gov.-elect Jon Corzine's U.S. Senate term.

Codey has hinted that he wasn't interested in going to Washington, though he's enjoyed widespread popularity since replacing Gov. James E. McGreevey, who resigned after a gay sex scandal a year ago.

By law, Corzine must vacate his Senate seat when he becomes governor in January. The person Corzine appoints will serve in the U.S. Senate for a year, until a regular election for the six-year term is held in November 2006.

Codey, 58, made his announcement Wednesday during a visit to a food bank in Hillside.

He said becoming a U.S. senator would disrupt life for both him and his wife Mary Jo.

This is probably a dissappointment for many NJ Dems but it will show Corzine's first test as governor. He needs to pick a candidate that can do the job for the next year but also someone strong enough to win in 2006 elections.

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