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Delay Aide Pleades Guilty To Conspiracy Monday, November 21, 2005

Michael Scanlon, a former aide to Tom Delay (R-Texas) and partner to lobbyist and othe former Delay aide Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to conspiracy. It looks like Scanlon made deal though because the justice department looks to be widening it's investigation multiple congresspeople. It's going to be hard to say who's going to get caught but one has to figure Scanlon is going to finger someone.

Abramoff is already in a lot of trouble of his own. Whether or not he's cooperating is unknown. Delay's name is sure to come up again and again. He's also got all he can handle in Texas right now. Another name that popped up in the AP via the Washington Post is Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio).

Both Scanlon and Abramoff, as competent, knowledgable lobbyists, knew how to spread it around so to speak so both parties are going to suffer some fallout I think. It's somewhat reminiscent of Kentucky's own Wal Mart version of this, BOPTROT. The reason I make the Wal Mart reference is because these local legislators were bought off incredibly cheaply.

In any event, this isn't over by a long shot and if the time is just right, it could the big stuff could hit in about March of next year and really create havoc with the election season. These folks live in interesting times.

posted by Stithmeister @ 9:44 PM

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