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Murtha And The War Monday, November 21, 2005

It's always tough for man to face up to reality and stand for his beliefs. It's all to rare to see it in congress. But the Murtha Marine is doing it now. He's started a war in Washington over the war in Iraq. Even Cheney was careful to step around Murtha in his speech slamming the rest of the Democrats who want to get out of Iraq. A great article in Newsweek goes into decent detail.

I'm sure he had a very difficult time with this decision because as a rule, marines really like being marines. Their job is tough and sometimes nasty and they do it with pride. Murtha did it for almost four decades and he's saying we can't win this war without reinstating the draft. He's saying we're part of the problem in Iraq.

There's no question wars are expensive. At one time, wars could even be good for the economy because they stimulated some big industry. It's not the case anymore. It's becoming a drain. The vision of "Pax Americana" will have to wait a while longer.

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At 9:44 AM, Blogger Cynicus said...
One must be very careful in Swiftboating the Chair of the Defense Appropriations Comittee. That's a man who wields pork with a capital 'P'.

But have you seen some of the blogger attempts to discredit him? My favorite is the one that he 'only' has some five years in combat experience, the rest of his time in service being staff/peacetime positions, so calling him a "37 year veteran" is a LIE.

Great googly-mooglies.

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