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Bob Woodward: One of the President's Men Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Back in the early 70s, a massive scandal broke out around the White House and the administration. Some of you may have heard of it. It became known as Watergate. The entire administration was riddled with scandal as a newspaper, the Washington Post broke the story and put the screws to Richard Nixon. Two reporters, young and vigorous, put much on the line to go after this story.

These two, Woodward and Bernstein, became legends. They were the standard many journalists shot for. They were embroiled in a national scandal of the highest order and they brought it to the light and in so doing brought down a well respected American president. They were soldiers for the free press. Woodward stayed on with the Post for decades, he's still there as a matter of fact. But the one time legend, the standard bearer for a free press, has become nothing more than a mountpiece for the administration. He gave up his integrity to be on the good side of the administration.

He witheld information from crucial sources, including his own bosses. He knew the routine, he'd been through this stuff almost since the beginning of his career. Media Matters covers details of his book, "Plan of Attack." They cover a lot of details he left out or misinterpreted. He let the administration express their view point.

What happened to the guy who put the screws to the American presidency 30 years ago? Many in today's progressive movement hold a fair amount of idealism. Many are young and have distinct sense of right and wrong. Bob Woodward was one of the heroes. He was a boomer who many thought did things right. Unfortunately, he's not even close.

When he spoke to Larry King on Monday, he defended his objectivity. The problem is, in most cases, objectivity is impossible. I took a lot of journalism classes when I was in college. I worked as political journalist covering Kentucky's legislature during the 2005 session. It's darn near impossible to stay objective and I didn't even really know these people. I certainly had my political opinions but I learned quickly the way you phrase a question, the way you emphasize certain things will help determine the answer you get. Your choices of words, your grammar, all of that can determine the meaning of the story. If Woodward were being the hardnosed journalist he should be when our country is at war, he would've been relentless in his pursuits. Instead, he made it easy on the administration officials. In making it so easy on them, he had a hand in the deaths of all those soldiers in Iraq who went to war based on bogus intelligence from a corrupt and bogus administration. The one time hero is now the very same thing he fought against so many years ago.

In his quest to be on the inside, he forgot about the outside.

posted by Stithmeister @ 10:36 PM

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