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Trimming the Fat Sunday, November 27, 2005

An article in today's Courier Journal talks about the "pork" often seen in spending bills. Right now Congress is under much scrutiny because recent spending bills include thousands of projects all over the country, including nearly a billion to our home state of Kentucky. Many feel like we should be more fiscally conservative on both sides of the aisle.

The problem we run into is how do we decide what projects are worthy and which aren't because most districts need the projects. They represent some sort of development for a part of a district. It oculd be a environmental, it could be education, economic development or a myriad of other issues.

What most people see is that we're passing all these projects yet we don't have the income to to support such ventures, particular as we wage a war, try to clean up the Gulf Coast AND try to cut taxes for the wealthier groups of people in this nation. Nobody likes taxes, pure and simple. That's part of the price one pays to live in our society. However we have to achieve balance. In most cases (though not all), these projects are important. Where do we get the money to pay for these without sending our economy further into the whole than it already is?

During WWII, FDR increased taxes. We needed more money in the coffers to fight the war. Unfortunately, Bush hasn't figured out that in order to balance the books, he needs to bring in more than he spends. Increasing taxes on the fantastically wealthy is the only way to do it. Some argue that the wealthy shouldn't be taxed that high because they will spend the money and cycle it back into the economy, the problem is they don't. If there was a way to guarantee it would go back into the economy, then I'd say do it but we can't so taxes is the only way.

posted by Stithmeister @ 10:48 PM

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At 12:16 AM, Blogger RightDemocrat said...
Given the total lack of Republican credibility on fiscal matters, Democrats are in the position to become the party of fiscal responsibility. The Blue Dog Democrats have been the toughest deficit hawks in Congress for quite a while.

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At 5:52 PM, Blogger Cynicus said...
"A democracy can only last until a majority discover that they can vote themselves largesse out of the public treasury." - Alexander Tyler

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