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Fletcher's Firing Follies: He Cuts Them Loose Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It looks like Governor Fletcher's canned the 9 disciples involved in merit system scandal.The problem for Fletcher is that this one is no where near over. This story came from Joltin' Jack Brammer over at the Lexington Herald-Leader:

FRANKFORT - Gov. Ernie Fletcher today called for the resignations of nine members of his administration and state Republican Party Chairman Darrell Brock Jr.

Of the nine members of his administration he asked to resign, four have been indicted by a special grand jury investigating hiring in the Fletcher administration.


There's more to the story and I advise you to check it out. Here's the deal Fletcher is in deep now and he knows it. He's all alone. His move was somewhat shocking but it's not over. He even called for the resignation of the Republican party chair, Darrell Brock Jr. Here's the thing, even though Fletcher has issued pardons, they may or may not take them because if they accept the pardons, they would also be admitting guilt in the whole affair. Then, once pardoned, they're free to testify against Fletcher. The other side is if they don't testify, they might make a deal with prosecutors to testify. They're pretty much out of state government for a while anyway.

This has all be said before in recent weeks by people with much better legal knowledge than I but I will say this: Governor Fletcher is in deep on this one and continues to go deeper. He will be lucky to escape with his name, albeit not so good right now. Whether he will be impeached remains to be seen but I've noticed something else too. It seems like Pence is keeping a relatively low profile in all this. Probably for the best as he could may well be governor soon but I can't help but feeling he knows all about everything that's going on and he should probably resign or be impeached as well but that's something we'll never know.

posted by Stithmeister @ 10:22 PM

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