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America Not Capable Of Handling New Orleans? Saturday, September 10, 2005

Is America have problems? Why is Blackwater running security with M16s? They're a private security firm that plays hardball. I mean real hardball. This story comes from AttyTood. I've reprinted part of it here. Check it out:

A Georgia-based doctor and military veteran who blogs under the name Otter has been down in the disaster zone the last few days, and he has seen the private Blackwater security forces everywhere. He wrote yesterday from a police precinct house in New Orleans:

Blackwater Security is here--clean, well-equipped, and armed to the teeth.

The New York Times has seen them too:

No civilians in New Orleans will be allowed to carry pistols, shotguns or other firearms, said P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of police. "Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons," he said.

But that order apparently does not apply to hundreds of security guards hired by businesses and some wealthy individuals to protect property. The guards, employees of private security companies like Blackwater, openly carry M-16's and other assault rifles. Mr. Compass said that he was aware of the private guards, but that the police had no plans to make them give up their weapons.

Once again, it shows there's a distinct difference between the haves and the have nots. A recent report on television also noted that a number of wealthier individuals and security groups have been carrying automatic weapons in order to protect private entities. On the one hand individuals do have right to protect their property but on the other hand, martial law has been declared and the authorities said no private citizens will be carrying firearms in this situation. This uttler ridiculous. The weapons in question need to be confiscated and these security groups need to leave. It should be enforced by the DHS. I believe they do have the jurisdiction. Once again, more words ring hollow in Bush's America.

posted by Stithmeister @ 12:57 PM

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At 8:28 AM, Blogger Cynicus said...
Hmmm....the assault on the Bill of Rights has reached the Second Amendment. Right wing, where's the outrage?

To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes:

"I draw your attention to the curious incident of the NRA in the night time."
"But the NRA did nothing in the night time."
"THAT was the curious incident."

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