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Europeans Want To Sell Bonds For African Vaccinations Saturday, September 10, 2005

But good ol' G.W. doesn't want to do it. Wonder why? No Really? Maybe he's going to fork out the money himself? Doubtful. Is the U.S. government going to fund the operation? Probably not.

Does he want to see them become part of the "ownership society"? Hey...this could be the answer. If those bloody savages would quit fighting with each other and start doing business and democracy then they could certainly take care of the problem themselves. It's just a natural disaster and with proper planning and abstinence then they certainly could take care of this themselves.

Nicholas Von Hoffman had a great editorial on the decidely bad idea.

Britain, France, Spain, Italy and Sweden are going to sell bonds and use the money to pay for vaccinating children in what is called the developing world. The World Health Organization says that the immunizations will save the lives of millions of African kids.

Bad idea. President Bush has put the kibosh on it.


They cannot cure everything. President Bush is the panacea man. Had he been in Florida and touched Terri she would have awoken from her coma and raised up from the bed. He often comes to New Orleans to cure the sick. Those who say he’s doing it for the photo ops or strong leadership ops or the vision thing ops, they lie. They lie like rugs, they are dissing our President and the You Know Who is going to turn them into African children.


Unfortunately, the powers that be in this country are more worried about being "holier than thou" than actually holy. As I said in my post about Malawi, these people are in genuine trouble but we don't utilize our resources to help anyone, not even ourselves. We utilize them to start bullshit wars half a world a way that do absolutely nothing other than put a strain on our economy. These people are starving, loaded with disease and who know what else. They have no natural resources we're interested in so we're not interested. I suppose when they're all dead we can resettle them later. The problem is if we could show them a little technique, give them some tougher stuff to grow and help provide SANITATION we take for granted, they wouldn't have half the problems they do. But then again, What does the U.S. care in Bush's America.

posted by Stithmeister @ 12:34 PM

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At 2:44 PM, Blogger Cynicus said...
Do you approve of a scientific understanding, or do you prefer fundamentalist faith?

A scientific perception would say that Africa as a reservoir of diseases, breeding ever more dangerous and drug-resistant ones, is a very bad idea in a world linked by jet transport. Thus, vaccination of African poverty is a self-defense measure. (Even if one is Malthusian, famine and war are less contageous to the "developed world" as 'population control' than disease.)

Fundamentalist faith says that God put them there to suffer for their sins and their ancestral sins, and trying to thwart God's punishing plagues is defying His Will.

One is entirely too liberal and 'science-y' for Bush & Co. The other is the upcoming plan for lowering Medicaid costs.

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