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Mark Williams Vs. Crooks And Liars Saturday, September 10, 2005

Liberal Blog CrooksAndLiars is currently in an Internet shouting match with talk show host and rightwing nut job and Bush lackey Mark Williams (note the editorialization).

Williams made a number of comments many feel (including myself)were racist on a recent episode of "Showbiz Tonight" and C&L made some comments along with a number of responses from the gallery and Williams proceeded to send an email blasting them. My vote is for C&L and Williams continues to show the ass of the conservative, Republican party. He also proceeded to slam popular rapper Kanye West, referring to him as a "Klansman in black face."

Comments on stranded NOLA folks:

Williams: ..they didn't have the necessary brains and common sense to get out of the way of a Cat 5 Hurricane and then when it hit them- stood on the side of the convention Center expiring while reporters were coming and going...

He went on:

Williams: The only role race plays in this is that the American black population has been the prototype for an entire race of people being, being turned into a group of dependents of the government--trapped there, I'm using that word very loosely are screaming we want help, we want help...


The problem is people like this guy talk out of both sides of their mouth. He preaches one thing and then says another. If he were generally interested in making sure people could "do things for themselves" then he would reach out, take the time and make sure the groups he was talking about were what he might call productive parts of society. This whole disaster just goes to show the difference between poor America and everyone else. But, do you expect something different in Bush's America?

posted by Stithmeister @ 11:22 AM

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