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Ernie's Goin' Down: Do We Need A Dirge? Friday, September 16, 2005

Ernie Fletcher's ship of state is sinking fast. Someone should compose a requiem for a lightweight. Fletcher's first sacrificial lamb was Dan Druen. Payback is hell. Druen is starting to let information go and Agman Richie Farmer looks like he's going to get drawn into this mess too. The Republicans aren't fairing to well in this mess. Check out the Herald-Leader story today. It's a good start.

Druen's testimony is the most detailed allegation so far that Fletcher was aware of and possibly took part in personnel actions that violated state laws.

By statute, people in merit positions may not be hired, fired or transferred based solely on politics.

Fletcher was briefed on both the memos that targeted employees for hiring or firing, Druen told prosecutors in the Aug. 26 interview.

During one May meeting with Transportation Cabinet leaders, the acting secretary handed the list of targeted employees to Fletcher who said, "Great," before giving it to his personnel director, Druen said. He did not make clear in his deposition whether Fletcher reviewed the document first.

Fletcher insisted yesterday that he never saw the list until it became public this summer.


Fletcher continues to make our state look shameful. He may have been an effective governor and now we'll never know. His administration is in shambles, he faces the grand jury and the way things look, he'll likely be indicted. He might be impeached or perhaps just resign. His part is distancing itself as he continues to tighten his own noose. He did bring change to Frankfort, it's a shame it's the wrong kind of change.

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