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It's been a while... Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's been a while since I've posted and for my regular readers (if there are any left) I apologize for my intermitten posting over the last few weeks. I've had a lot going on but I aim to rectify the problem.

One thing, as my pal Greymagius pointed out, is an insanely crappy senate bill, SB 1955. The Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act, also called the Enzi bill(after it's primary sponsor, Michael Enzi, R- Wyoming).

Check out DailyKos for a little more info and details. Needless to say, this bill is pure unadulterated evil perpetrated by the Republican Senators (and one Democrat) to strip human beings of basic medical care. While I'm a little late on this, folks here in Kentucky could expect to lose silly little things like:

Alcoholism Treatment
Ambulatory Surgery
Bone Marrow Transplants
Bone Density Screening
Dental Anesthesia
Diabetic Supplies/Education
Emergency Services
Home Health Care
Mammography Screening
Mental Health (General)
Mental Health (Parity)
Metabolic Disorders (PKU)
Minimum Mastectomy Stay
Off-Label Drug Use
TMJ Disorders

So just remember, you lovely ladies out there will lose out on mammograms. We crazy people won't get our Ritalin and Prozac and your grandmother won't have that home health nurse to help take care of her. Did I mention that Medicaid is being cut, the states can't make up the difference and Medicare won't catch all the baby boomers. Really... this is just social Darwinism at its new high point.

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posted by Stithmeister @ 5:09 PM

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