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A Busy Week In The Legislature Thursday, March 02, 2006

Senate President and corrupt political boss David Williams suffered stinging defeats in the senate this week aft SB1, his medical malpractice bill was voted down. The other came at the defeat of SB236, a bill attempting to limit the judicial branch's power regarding things like the ten commandments.

The medical malpractice bill got beaten yet again. Williams assuredly will file the bill again for the next session. He's showing his true colors by trying to strip away one of the last rights people have and that's the right sue doctors for screwing up.

The bigger case was SB236:

SB 236 (BR 1749) - C. Borders, E. Tori, E. Harris, V. McGaha, R. Roeding, D. Seum, G. Tapp, D. Thayer, J. Westwood
AN ACT proposing to amend the Constitution of Kentucky by creating a new section thereof relating to judicial powers.
Propose to amend the Constitution of Kentucky by creating a new Section 28A relating to judicial powers; require that the judicial department not exercise powers belonging to other departments of government; prohibit courts from construing any provision of the Kentucky Constitution to prohibit the historic display of the Ten Commandments on public property, finding that a local government has authority to grant civil rights entitlements not authorized by the General Assembly in those cases in which specific authorization is required, requiring an increase in general taxation, ordering that public funds be expended except as appropriated by the General Assembly, declaring an act of the General Assembly unconstitutional on the basis of the amount of funds provided for a particular program, replacing a legislative act found unconstitutional with a standard selected by the court over other permissible standards, or allowing a challenge to the constitutionality of an act of the General Assembly by permitting suits against the legislative branch; provide ballot question; provide for submission of amendment to voters.

Fortunately, he couldn't get enough votes to get either moved to the ballot. My God, we need to work on getting WIlliams out of office. Mark Nickolas is absolutely right. He's Kentucky's version of Tom Delay. A nod to Democratic floor leader Ed Worley of Richmond for standing in Williams way. This would've been a travesty had either bill made it through.

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