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A Busy New Year For State Legislature Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The 2006 Kentucky General Assembly convenes today and they've got a lot on their plate for the coming term. Obviously, the dominant legislation will be the budget but the Fletcher scandal will be looming large in the background.

Once again, SB1, filed by Senate President David Williams, will once again be the medical malpractice caps. There are a number of other prefiled bills as well. I will try to cover a number of them this week and provide some commentary on these. For a complete rundown on all these issues, check out the Legislative Research Commission's (LRC) website.

First, we'll cover some of the prefiles in the Senate:

One of the big issues for the legislature in this term will be casino gambling. Senator David Boswell (D-Owensboro) has been pushing this legislation for several terms now. The tricky part will be in getting the constitutional amendment needed to allow for casino gambling in Ky. Boswell also has another bill tied to this one regarding licensing of casinos. Finally, Boswell proposes to define human trafficking and make it a class B felony.

Senator Tom Buford (R-Nicholasville) prefiled a bill to increase the minimum amount of property damage liability insurance on motor vehicle insurance from $10,000 to $25,000. He also filed a bill for funding for the Central Kentucky Blood Center.

These are just a couple and I will get to more as the week progresses on. I will also cover some of the more important bills in this session althoug the gambling legislation is certainly one of the top issues this term.

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