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Merry Christmas To All... Saturday, December 24, 2005

Contrary to Bill O'Reilly's belief, Christmas isn't being warred upon. During this time of year, so many forget the true meaning of Christmas. That is a story about a wee lad, put upon this earth to save us from ourselves, a loving God trying to save ALL his children and the attempt to build greater fraternity among all fellows.

One day, I was contemplating all this when something clicked in my head on what it actually meant. I don't necessarily see Jesus as that much more divine than the rest of us. We're all God's children. We are all equals. What I did was personalize it. I thought...what if young Joshua really was my brother and he allowed himself to be killed to save my life. Regardless of the immaculate conception and the resurrection itself, which are two key miracles in this story of Jesus, the point of the religion is about sacrifice...even if it requires everything. It's about trying to show your fellow man a better way, to reduce prejudices and break down barriers between peoples. It's not a club with exclusive membership unless that includes ALL human beings...all of them. It won't matter about sexual preference or ethnic background or anything. Now I realize this is blasphemy to some people but Christ always chose from those the lease socially acceptable. He preached to heal the sick and feed the poor. I don't see our politicians and religious leaders in this country worrying about that. They're trying to hard to get their picks on SCOTUS or worrying about gets to assassinate Venezuelan presidents.

I realize many readers and some of my friends don't follow the particular faith I do. Lord knows it's difficult to accept and when the leaders keep telling everything you do is wrong...they're wrong. They try to alienate many at the expensive of all us. That's not what it all means to me. I've rambled enough I suppose. I might not get any posting done this weekend but I'm gearing up for the new year to get a lot done. I will kick back in on probably Monday if I don't get anything on before then.

For all my readers and visitors, thanks for keeping me plugging along, I hope to keep it up next year too. I would like to wish everyone a sincere and heartfelt Merry Christmas and all the warmth I can pour into it.

posted by Stithmeister @ 12:36 AM

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