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Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design: The Next Big Wedge Issue Thursday, December 29, 2005

Progressives liberals are easy to piss off. The word abortion comes up and they get mad. Ask them about Iraq, they get mad. Ask them about the religious right and you smell smoke. Look at the gay marriage issue in the 2004 presidential election. They had people who didn't even believe in voting out to the polls to vote against the amendment and the God-fearing President Bush who was against gay marriage.

The argument for civil unions never gained traction. Any variation on it never got any noise at all. It was always "there's no way in hell the fags are gonna get married." The strategy worked. While Bush did have the advantage of being an incumbant, the gay marriage issue certainly helped him out quite a bit. Is intelligent design doing the same thing? Does it have the potential to be the wedge issue of the next election cycle?

I think the jury is still out but the potential is there. Right now, there's an ongoing battle in our nation over the validity of science in a number of areas, not the least of which were observations of Charles Darwin, which we now describe as evolution.

The religious right has framed this as an intelligent design...suggesting evolution isn't valid. While I don't wish to turn this into a technical discussion at this point, does this debate have the potential to be used as a wedge? Lets consider that more than half of the American population doesn't believe in evolution. While it is taught in many high school biology courses and has been for years, many still don't believe.

Now, consider some colleges won't recognize high school biology classes without having exposure to evolution with no intelligent design taught in biology. So most people of religion don't believe in evolution. Those are the "regular" people, not liberals. Colleges are loaded with liberals though. And they won't let God into their universities. All those teachers are godless, communist liberals with no respect for the faith. Who else do we have?

Teachers... those unions are always loud and obnoxious. The courts who ruled against it are activist judges. They're all going to Hell. Once again, these groups are being persecuted. The president says we should get it. The governor thinks we should. Hell... we can trust them can't we?

Yep... the basic principle behind the wedge is to section off a chunk of the population and levy a larger group maybe all the rest, against them. You usually end up needing one or two to win an election. Will they come up now? Perhaps. How much weight will they hold? Unknown. Remember though, this issue is still building steam.

Remember, John T. Scopes was still fined $100.

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posted by Stithmeister @ 12:17 AM

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