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Bill Frist On Torture and Alito Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bill Frist was stirring the holiday stew when he appeared on Fox News on Sunday morning. He said he felt like an agreement could be reached with the administration over McCain's anti-torture legislation. I think the only way McCain will agree is if the legislation goes through as it stands. Anything less, like exemptions for the CIA would be detrimental to our image and give license to others to do what they like to our detainees. It seems like our nation consistantly wishes to give up any possible moral high ground they might have had.

The other issue and one that is just as volatile is the hearings/vote on Alito, Bush's nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the SCOTUS. The problem is Alito is the classic rightwing nut job. Frist continued to threaten to jerk the fillibuster out from under the Democrats and change the rules of the Senate in order to get Bush's nominee through. Once again, the Republicans show if they can't win, they just change the rules.

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