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Kentucky Needs More Money For Universities Sunday, December 11, 2005

A ongoing battle in this state has been trying to get money to education. As one of the poorest states in the nation, the politics is dirty and many remain poor. About 15 years ago, our state education system was declared unconstitutional based on the way it was funded...the money came from property taxes. Counties that were wealthy had nice school systems, counties that weren't had lousy systems.

Right now, universities in the state are going to fight over money in the coming legislative session. They've all pretty much said it's every many for himself. The Courier Journal columnist, David Hawpe, warns that the state neglecting solid funding for education does so at it's own peril.

He cites a recent study done at Berkeley. He mentions that for ever $1 spent on higher education, $3 are returned. For every dollar not spent, the state loses $2. Seems like a no brainer. Of course we have to worry about lots of other things and the fact that in the last legislative session, the state pushed it's bond limit to the max and may have even affected the state's credit rating.

As a big fan of higher education, development is crucial It's good for the state as a whole. The problem is Kentucky has a lot of other issues and they're going to have to start dealing with them sooner or later.

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