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The Elite Sunday, December 11, 2005

We as a nation are coming apart at an ever increasing pace.
The degree of "Me" -vs. "Everyone Else" has increased to the nth degree.
A majority of Americans seem to have decided that that with ever decreasing 'Rights & Privileges in life the only way to have them is to make sure of their exclusivity to a Select few. Most have not figured out that they'll not qualify for such Rights & Privileges, as the requirements grow ever more rigorous. One of the more frightening attempts to disenfranchise a group is currently over the “Right to Citizenship by Birth”. An article in the LA Times provides the details.

LA Times

It requires little imagination to see where this could lead. Currently, they say it will stop illegal Immigrants from sneaking across the border to have children 'Born" American Citizens. How many generations (If generations it is) will it be before we start requiring just a bit "more" to qualify as citizens. Perhaps at age 18, you'll be required to take a 'Citizenship Test"? I foresee many students having to choose which “Track” to take in school.

For much of America, children would have to make a choice of “Citizenship Track” or “Vocational Track” classes in school. "Citizenship Track" courses, which would probably be 'College Prep" as well, would prepare you for eventually taking a ‘Citizenship Test”, as well as prepare you for College. “Vocational Track” classes would, as today, prepare you for more hands on type work.
Most schools, by scheduling alone, would no doubt make it nigh impossible for someone to take a ‘Dual Track” approach. I have little doubt which path many of the Lower/Middle class would take.
After all, if you're more brown, than white, why study to enter an area of professions where by your skin color you're guaranteed to be stuck forever in the lowest levels. If you're smart, you can after 10 years, become a Master plumber. If more Brown than White, and you choose the "Citizenship Path" you can become the supervisor of a group of Law Clerks after 30 years of effort.

What Advantage would “Citizenship” grant you anyhow? The Right to Vote? Perhaps at first, but I could soon see that “Citizenship” would become a prerequisite for any Governmental position of responsibility. Soon, many wouldn’t become ‘Second Class Citizens”. They would not be Citizens at all. It takes little imagination from events of recent years to foresee that ‘Non-Citizens” would lack much of the Protection and Rights that were the basis on which this country was founded.

I started this tirade discussing the “Me vs. Everyone Else concept. Many people will be convinced that they are among the ‘Elite”. They will be the “Citizen”. The problem is, once you start the process of exclusion, it doesn’t stop. For myself, I view the worth of a group by how much people join the group, not by how many are excluded from it.

posted by Greymagius @ 6:48 PM

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