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2006 General Assembly Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm going to try to cover the 2006 GA as much as possible. I covered it for the KPA last year so I know many of the players.

One major issue to be addressed this year, as with all years, is the medical malpractice caps. As Mark points out, the Republicans don't get their facts straight and the media doesn't help matters much.

Also in the mix for the GA will be gambling legislation. Gambling in Kentucky will be tough for many to deal with. I feel it will happen eventually but there's always a downside to it as well. I think for the most part, I'm for legalizing casino gambling in Kentucky. We've already got a state lottery and horse racing has been around for centuries. The problem is casino gambling comes with a price, moral and otherwise. It brings money into the community but much of the money leaves the state. It does bring in some high paying jobs but at the same time, a lot of poor will probably go and spend their money in the casinos. Then there's always gambling addiction.

Right now, there are casinos in Indiana and they do make quite a bit of revenue from Kentuckians heading up there. The problem will occur when the revenues of these casinos are diluted. More supply will lower demand.

There are many other issues but these two will get some headlines for sure. Also consider the budget. In 2005, the short session dealt mostly with the budget because one had never been passed. This session will also deal with a budget. There will be a lot of issues the members will fight over because all the projects and pork were packed into 2005 session. Also, the governor has said he wouldn't be opposed to raising the cigarette tax a bit further. Of course Super Grover might try to attack him then.

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