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Col. Andrew Horne (Ret) To Challenge Northup Friday, December 16, 2005

It looks like Ann Northup has a challenger who might be able to do some damage. Daniel over at the Kentucky Democrat got the hit today when he reprinted an article from the subscription only Roll Call. He got picked up by Kos and MyDD. Anyway, many Democrats expected Northup to be secure but they've been looking for someone. As Solzman points out in his blog, both Dan Borsch and David Hale are both considering running. Borsch is currently the head of the Young Dems in Louisville and Hale is a former U.S. Attorney.

I think Horne may be the strongest potentially on the national scene. He's certainly getting his name out there but the big questions is does he have the local recognition he needs to hammer Northup in Louisville?

posted by Stithmeister @ 12:28 AM

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At 9:16 PM, Blogger Lynne said...
Dan B. is an articulate and engaging perosn, but Col. Horne stands out re: his credibility to challenge Northup on her failed Iraq policies and her rubber stamp of the Bush agenda. Col. Horne has substance, integrity and reminds me of Ron Mazzoli! He alone has a legitimate shot in a community that had Mazzoli for so long and that recently voted for Kerry and Mongiardo.

Evidently, on social policies Col. Horne is more mainstream than Northup or Hale, who's name is still being thrown around in east end country clubs. It floors me why any Dem with a memory would try to put up another rich east end Daddy's boy like Hale, another Jack Conway who is not going to beat Northup! How can Hale legitimately discuss Northups tax cuts for the rich when he and his Daddy are probably very happy re: the capital gains cuts. In contrast, Col. Horne is the first in his family to go to college, a PRP grad who went to UofL Law school, a two time veteran, a person who lives among and relates to the working people in our community. The Dems need someone of the quality of like Col. Horne, who has kids in public school, who can legitimately address the issues relevant to people in this community like Ron Mazzoli did.

Louisville Dems need to stand behind Col. Horne and support him. They should clear the primary for Col. Horne, and let him use the next few months to improve his name recognition and raise money for the real battle against Northup.

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