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Judge Rules Against Fletcher Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A judge ruled against Governor Fletcher's "awesome pardon power" today, saying the grand jury could continue it's investigation and indictments against individuals already pardoned for crimes they never even went to trial for. Merely the hint of indictment sent Fletcher to the pardoner's pen. Ryan Alessi over at the Herald Leader has the complete story.

Fletcher did appeal the decision and there's no word on that yet. While their certainly needs to be a separation of powers and groups should adhere to the constitution, the way the Fletcher administration chose to wield the pardon power would've made it's ability unlimited and in so doing, anyone could do anything and not even worry about sullying their good name.

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At 9:56 AM, Blogger Cynicus said...
If you can pardon before conviction, you can pardon before trial. If you can pardon before trial, you can pardon before the crime is committed. If you can pardon before the crime is comitted, then you can give license to commit crimes. And if the Governor of Kentucky can give license to commit crimes, then he can sell them.

Now, that would be the ultimate in plutocrat government: buy your way out of inconvenient state and local laws with licenses.

And before you get huffy about that, at least consider that he might sell them to people of the 'wrong' politics. A governor certainly wouldn't GIVE them to members of the opposition party.

Last thought: poor Richard M. Nixon! If he'd had this "awesome pardoning power", he could have just given blanket pardons to "any persons, named or unnamed, involved in burgling Democrat headquarters at the Watergate Hotel" and gone on with his term............

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